There is revival needed in Puerto Rico. In a place where poverty abounds, many of the citizens are losing their faith in the church – and in God.

But God is faithful. He’s calling people of all classes and ages to lead His revival. And in Puerto Rico, Jan Ibrahim received his calling to be part of the revival needed in Puerto Rico. Jan is still a teenager, but the Lord used unexpected people to speak to him and assure him that he has been called.

Here is his testimony:

My name is Jan Ibrahim García Rivera. I was born on August 13, 1997, in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. My father is Edgar Garcia and my mother is Irma Rivera. I was born prematurely. If I was not taken out of my mother’s body that day, she could have died. But God had already given a word to my parents that I would be born and that I would live. At this time, I was in the NICU and the doctors were saying that I would not make it out of there. Thanks to God, I am alive and healthy.

I live in Puerto Rico, which is an U.S. Territory, and doing ministry here is quite varied and not that difficult to my understanding. Here in Puerto Rico, there was a revival in the 1930’s that started in Bayamon. The Holy Spirit came down to the churches all around the island. There have also been some great revival leaders and mentors which are Florentino Santana, he was the Pastor and founder of the Disciples of Christ Academy and also mentor of my pastor Peter Rivera Sr., and Yiye Avila.

I identify as a pastor because that is what God’s message was to my parents before I was born. In ministry dream I want to have a good walk with God so that I can help others to walk with Him also.

I have two key experiences to pursue ministry. The first one is when I was in seventh grade, I had an English teacher that was always calling my attention and I could not stand her. But I did not know she was a woman of prayer. One day she told me to stay after class and she asked me if I attended church, which I responded with a yes. She said well, because good has plans with you. I continued my life as a teenager in the ignorance we have at that age. But then in eleventh grade, my history teacher was in middle of the class and said my name to get my attention. And said, “God loves you, and remember you have a calling,” in front of the class.

In the area where I live there is poverty, lack of faith and the people do not believe in the church. They say they are thieves due to many pastors being vocational pastors. Only a revival will lead them to Jesus Christ.

I am a teenager so I really do not know if I am going to be a vocational or bi-vocational pastor, I need to pray for guidance in that aspect. That’s why I have not sought much support in the church, because I am waiting for God’s answer.

A Christian Leaders Institute scholarship is really important to me because I could get a high-quality education for free. This would be great because I’m already paying for a biology major but I still want to answer to God’s calling for my life. Maybe I would not be a pastor anytime soon, but I could help more with this education at the youth group. And it will help me with my walk with the Almighty One.

You could pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me with some important decisions in my life about school and ministry. And that My family and I can keep on our path of sanctification.

Perhaps there is revival needed where you live. Perhaps God is calling you to be part of that revival. If so, you may find the free ministry training courses at CLI will help you be part of the revival needed in your area. I invite you to enroll in our getting started course by clicking here.

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