Tinus Willemse –

“I live in South Africa, and I am proudly South African. Our challenge is the transition from apartheid to our new democracy, and sadly our Government still blames apartheid for their current failures after almost 20 years in power. We cannot move forward as a nation if we live in the past.

“I accepted the Lord in 1986 while I was watching Jimmy Swaggart preach on television. I was alone that particular day, and I could sense the presence of God. I fell to my knees and accepted Jesus as my Savior.

“I have a heart to lead new converts to discipleship because I did not enjoy the benefit of a strong foundation. I had to figure this new Walk out by myself.”Tinus Willemse

Tinus Willemse Gets a Scholarship

“The teaching at CLI is of the purest form, from the Bible. We as brothers and sisters in Christ need this purity to operate from the same platform, and as the Bride of Christ we need this to be united as one for our King.

“The prayer I need from CLI is that Jesus be magnified in my ministry, for the Holy Spirit to lead me in every step I take, and that Father God be glorified through our efforts.”

Tinus Willemse has a vision. A vision that is a result of experiencing the struggle of growing in Christ without guidance or a strong foundation. Tinus Willemse wants to help other young believers who are in a similar situation. He wants to draw on his past to empathize with new believers and give them guidance along their path.

Tinus Willemse knows that a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute can help him offer more complete spiritual guidance to new believers. He wants to complete training at CLI because it is another tool that can strengthen his living out of his calling. A simple donation can help Tinus Willemse build on his foundation. Just think how happy he will be to be able to further his education in the word of God!