Charlotte Egyir Johnson –

“I am a Ghanaian living in Ghana. Ministry in Ghana is very difficult because many people are poor and are using any means they can find to survive. Many keep on wallowing in sin because of this poverty and lack of evangelizing.

“I was born into a christian home, so church going was a ritual. I attended church through out my childhood without accepting Christ. I thought attending church  was just a routine, so every Sunday I was there. Then I would go home and do my own thing. But one day I had an encounter with Christ Jesus. I attended a Crusade, and the man of God  preached about Cornelius in Acts. I listened to the evangelist, and I felt within my heart that I was exactly like that man. The man of God made an Alter Call, and I rushed forward. I accepted Jesus into my life, and my life had never been the same since. That was in 1996.

“My dream is to reach the young for Jesus. If a child or teenager accepts Jesus, it is likely by the grace of the Almighty God that He/She will remain in faith forever and serve God at his/her youthful stage as in Ecclesiastes 12.”Charlotte Egyir Johnson

Charlotte Egyir Johnson gets a Scholarship

“When I receive this scholarship, it will help me receive quality training from CLI. I need this because it will enable me fulfill my dream of reaching the young for Christ Jesus.

“Please ask God to make me prosperous so that I can be a blessing to many through giving of gifts and charity, especially in my country and the needy throughout the world.”

Charlotte Egyir Johnson Has a dream. She lives in Ghana, where she sees people every day who are without hope. Charlotte Egyir Johnson sees thousands who will never enjoy some of the simple amenities that are commonplace in much of the world. Even worse, they are without the eternal hope of Christ in their life.

Charlotte Egyir Johnson wants to change that. She dreams of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the people who have great need of the hope found in His name. You can help Charlotte Egyir Johnson realize her dream and her calling. A simple donation can give Charlotte Egyir Johnson and others like her the keys to open the door to their ministry.

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