My name is Jerry O’Brian. I was born in 1981 in the small town of Paintsville, KY in the United States of America to a holy preacher and a stay at home Mom. I was the second birth of a set of identical twins. From the beginning of our lives it seemed we were destined to go on to do great works for God.

The church has always been a big part of my life. I was raised in a home with four others siblings, and we were taught from our youth the importance of giving our lives for the Lord and abstaining from the world and the evils it contains.

As time went on each of us kids starting contributing to the church. Each of us either started playing a musical instrument in church or singing or both. God’s hand was always on us. Looking back on it now, I didn’t realize as a kid how much that would play into the men and women that we turned out to be.

A significant turning point in our lives occurred when I and my twin brother were freshmen in high school. One night while traveling home, we were involved in a car accident when we were struck head-on by a drunk driver. The impact was devastating. But even through it all, we knew to call on the name of Jesus. After everything cleared, my mother, father, and sister almost died, and my twin brother was left paralyzed from the chest down. The individual that hit us died instantly leaving behind a young child back at home. I still feel for her soul to this day.

As we grew up, the scriptures and worship of God made more sense. The Spirit of God had over time revealed more and more of himself to us, making us stronger in our walk with God. We more openly testified in church and carried Bibles with us at the high school. Our musical talents increased. My twin brother was blessed with the ability to play a splendid lead guitar by the grace of God (God used his arms for his Glory). I was blessed to be able to play the drums for our gospel group.

It was during this time that I felt a strong calling for the ministry. I would be outside by myself, and I could hear the Spirit preaching a message to me. It flowed so freely! It felt so good, but I was afraid. Instead of embracing the calling, I ran from it. I had fears such as “What if I mess up?” or “I’m so young, am I sure that God is calling me?” Because of my upbringing I was never one to say that God did this or that without knowing for sure. And at this time of my life I wasn’t sure of myself.

Fast forward to 2014. I was now married to a wife that only God could give, and we had three beautiful children. I was still in church, playing drums, with my Dad and twin brother. All of my brothers are ordained ministers, and I was the only one that hadn’t stepped out into the calling. But then I again felt the calling to the ministry. The only difference was that I was older, more mature, and understood more about the Bible. I was filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and best of all, I knew God was the one calling me.

I knew that seminary school wasn’t for me. How could I even afford it with a wife and three children? But I wanted to be ordained, and I wanted knowledge. That’s when I looked online for Bible schools that offer ordination. Now I didn’t want some place that said send me money, and we’ll make you a minister. I wanted a school that cared about training people and wanted them to earn it, not just be given it like the ministry was something the world could give. Ministry isn’t defined by a certificate anyway. It’s defined by the revelation from God upon those whom he chooses to “preach the gospel to every nation”.

That’s when I stumbled onto Christian Leaders Institute. Something about the organization spoke to me. They had a clear objective to train people in the ministry, but only if they were serious. And they weren’t concerned about your background or how much money you had. They were only concerned with your relationship with God and helping you to achieve what God wanted for you. They didn’t judge, they only expounded on the Word of God and taught what it taught. They didn’t try to change you, but only help you understand and follow God’s word.

This ministry training has meant so much to me. All of the hours spent in front of the computer, and all of the time spent listening to lectures and flipping through pages of the Bible has all been an incredible experience. It was taken something that God started long ago in a young man in Kentucky and helped it to flourish into the man God has always wanted me to be. I am eternally grateful to Christian Leaders Institute for their hard work and dedication to training people like myself to be leaders that God can use to reach the lost.

Since I started at Christian Leaders Institute in September of 2014 I have preached about six sermons and the knowledge that I gained here has helped me in my messages. It has been a little challenge as far as preaching in front of other ministers that have been doing it far longer than I have. But my mentor (my Dad) has helped me to see that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been preaching because real preaching comes from above.

My plans as an ordained minister are to go on and one day start a church with my twin brother to help reach even more lost souls in our community. I also plan on extending my studies with the Christian Leaders Institute to at minimum achieve a Diploma in Ministry.

My request in prayer is that you would pray that I always abide by the will of God throughout my ministry and always look to him for wisdom, comfort and refuge in times of trouble. As sure as I am that God’s hand has been with me throughout my life to serve and do his will, I am equally as sure that he will help me continue my journey. And God has used Christian Leaders Institute as part of that help.

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