My name is Anna Geer. I was born and raised in the state of Massachusetts.
I have always known and believed in God as I was raised Catholic, however, I did not have the personal relationship with Christ that I have now. In 2002 I felt led to attend a Baptist church where the pastor stressed the importance of daily reading of the word. I bought a new bible and I started reading it.

I highlighted things that moved me in some relevant way, even if that was to simply convict and or correct me. I also put an asterisk near parts I didn’t understand but had lingering questions. Through hearing the word spoken in church and reading the bible for myself, my eyes and heart were opened and I fell in love with Jesus. Knowing how much he loved me and the sacrifices he made for me brought me to tears.

This is when my relationship with Jesus began. I couldn’t get enough of him and wanted everyone to know how much he loved them too. The same year I gave my life to Christ. I cannot imagine a life without him. They say hindsight is 20/20. Looking back on my life I see clearly how Gods hand has always been on me. How he has protected me, provided for me and his sustaining grace has helped me get through many trials and tragedies.

I desire to continue to grow in my knowledge, in my relationship with Christ and to be used as He leads me.

I see myself as a vessel for Gods use, a servant, Leader and Evangelist.

I started serving God by working in the soup kitchen and food pantry in a local church. Feeding those in need was gratifying and I loved serving God in this way. Also I started teaching Sunday school to children in the 5th grade. A few years later while attending my current church, I again felt led and participated in a training session on Domestic Violence. As a result, I started volunteering and ministering to women and children in a shelter for domestic violence. Several years prior I was in a abusive relationship. The lord had healed and restored me from that horrible time.

I believe that God takes what was meant for our bad and destruction and turns it around to use for his good and his glory. I was able to share my story of salvation, healing and redemption with these women and let them know God could do the same for them. I started a bible class and Praise God several women gave their lives to Christ. Teaching that bible study increased my confidence to share the good news.

A few years ago I took a training class in evangelism and as part of the training we would go out in the community in groups of 3. I had never done anything like this. It wasn’t easy as many people rejected you as soon as you mentioned Jesus. We would go into a neighborhood and talk to different people. One night we were ministering in the community and I saw a man sitting on a big rock, he was big, full of muscles and covered in tattoos, I never would have even thought of approaching, however, something was pulling me towards him. I told my team that I thought we should talk to him. When they looked over at the person, they both asked if I was sure, I was. We walked over and greeted him and introduced ourselves. We asked how he was doing, and he told us he had just gotten out of jail 2 days ago and his girlfriend had taken his children and moved to Florida leaving him only a note. He said he didn’t know what he was going to do. You could see he was visibly upset. We asked if he knew Jesus. He said “kinda,” He went on to share with us that he didn’t pray very often but the night before he prayed to God and asked God if he was real and if he really loved him to show him a sign, I couldn’t believe it.I told him that God was real and how much he loved him I told him that we were his sign! This man was in tears and I held back mine. The leader talked about Jesus for about 5 or 10 minutes and asked him if he wanted to make Jesus his personal savior and he told us yes. We prayed together as he gave his life to Jesus. We exchanged numbers and connected him with a local church. That was the most beautiful encounter I had ever witnessed.

I have to say how truly blessed I am to live in a place where it is safe to go to worship Christ. I do not take that for granted. Many people think the north is spiritual dry. I however believe we are about to have a revival like nobody has ever seen.

I have attended my church for about 10 years. The Holy Spirit is actively working here. Our Bishop is a true man of God and lives his life as an example to us all. His wife is a true role model and inspiration to me. We have many Godly men and women who make up the body of Christ in my church. My church is actively involved in our community and missions work around the world.

I have been on several ministry teams in my church over the years. I have been a Stephen Minister for the past 6 years and currently am beginning my 2nd year as a Stephen Ministry Leader. My church supports me in my role and I believe supports whatever work God is using me for.

I have one grown daughter and three granddaughters. I want to be able to share the love of Christ and be able to minister to them as they grow in their relationship with Jesus. Additionally, I want to continue to work with women and lead them to Christ. I mostly want to grow and be a good role model and example of a person who loves God and want my life to reflect His grace and mercy.

Getting a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute will help me to advance my knowledge of Christ and build my confidence in sharing his good news. It will give me the ability to take these courses that I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

Please pray that the leaders will continue to unite and grow stronger together without ceasing. Pray for a renewal of commitment and a focus on that commitment will continue to grow. Pray that the hearts of others in my church will be drawn to THIS ministry to help us multiply, strengthen and thrive in the service to others through Christ.

Pray that we will be in one accord seeking the Will of our father and that our efforts will not return void. Pray that our words, thoughts and actions will continually bring honor and Glory to our God, our king and Heavenly Father. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray.

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