Free New Zealand Ministry Training

Free New Zealand Ministry Training

My name is Lydia Ashford. I was born in New Caledonia, which is a French territory.  I first moved to New Zealand in 1999 to study English to work in tourism in my country of origin. During my studies, I met my husband, and in 2003 I was granted residency.  I have been living in New Zealand for now 16 years now.

My walk with the Lord started right after I resigned from an exhausting five years of shift work. I resigned from the job feeling very burnt out and found myself with nothing to lean on; I was broke and broken. On the very first morning after my resignation, I talked to God whom I did not know, if only that He was the creator of all things.This talk with the Lord was about to change my entire life.

One night I watched a program featuring a short but graphic representation of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. My heart melted within me, and I asked the Lord: How can I make it right to you God? What can I do Lord; you are crucified and dead on the cross. Suddenly I heard His voice, a still small voice; gently I heard: “Lydia, I am no longer on the cross, I am here.” I then felt His presence in the room. I cried even more and asked Him to forgive me and to help me.

Seven months later, I got baptized on Sunday 13th of November 2011 in the Harvest Christian Church in Papakura. Ever since God has used me in various and humble ways to minister to people here in New Zealand and New Caledonia. I first was invited into the ministry of Healing room in New Zealand and also served in a couple of other healing rooms, I have prayed and interceded in various churches. I have ministered to people in the market place as the Holy Spirit prompted me. I am active in praying and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ using social media and the market place.

My ministry dream is to do the will of God and building His kingdom. I would love to see a revival in New Caledonia, and I ask God to give me that nation. I would love to see the people of New Caledonia be filled with the light and truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I identify myself as an evangelist. I believe I have been called to preach the good news. Every opportunity is a great opportunity to share the good news, and I do as the Holy Spirit directs me.

The Holy Spirit is the key element in my life that prompts me to pursue my ministry. Knowing that my Father gave me The Holy Spirit to help me, comfort me and teach me all things, gives me the confidence to keep going. I have understood that it is not by might nor by the power that things are carried out but by His Spirit. I do not do my will but the will of God led by The Spirit of God. Whether it is to pray or to lead someone to the Lord, I trust God will deliver through the Holy Spirit who lives in me.

Three years ago we joined the City Impact Church in Auckland. We were part of the ministry team and served as ushers. After two years my husband got promoted to leadership for the ushering team, and I remained an usher. After three years my season of serving as usher came to an end. The baton was passed onto someone else, and it was time to refocus on God’s plan and purpose for my life.

In New Zealand I am under the authority of CIC and Ps Peter: I lead people to the church for the protocol of salvation and baptisms. In New Caledonia I lead them straight to the Lord obeying to His command as in Mark16:15-18.

My husband and children are fully supportive, and they have always helped me in my walk with the Lord. They will always stand with me and me with them in unity. I believe each one of my children is called to be in ministry to serve God. I believe they have the heart for the indigenous people of New Caledonia and a heart for the indigenous people of New Zealand. Above all, we share the same heart in establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth.

A scholarship with CLI will help me undertake further studies and qualifications to help further my walk with God and my ministry dream. CLI program is a great opportunity to study from anywhere in the world.

Please pray for GOD’s help with all my studies, His wisdom and direction in the path He has ordained for my life.

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