Hello, my name is Monica. I am married with three dogs. I came to know Jesus Christ at a very early age. God had been a major force in my life even when I wanted to give up. I have seen God more in my life in many ways. I started feeling like I was being called into ministry in some way shape or form. I got to point in my life where thing seemed like they were in limbo, and I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of ministry and the Bible. Late one night I found CLI. Attending CLI has been an awesome experience in getting deeper in the word, seeing myself grow, and continuing to learn. CLI changed my life for the better, and I am forever grateful.

Going through the classes I got a deeper understanding of the scripture. I was able to dig deeper into topics that I was curious about but unsure of where I should start. It was interesting seeing the history of thing to how we see things today. The biggest thing that happened in my life was that I saw myself grow. As I dived into the classes, I became convicted on things I needed to change. I began to evaluate my life and made corrections where there needed to be made. It is impossible to get in these classes without it changing your life. In the end, I learned a lot. I was so intrigued about most of the topics most days I stayed up late reading and watching videos. It was like a good book I just could not put it down.

I am truly thankful for the training and am looking forward to a greater walk with God. This training has encouraged me to get back into helping the youth of the church. Time to get to work!! The CLI training has encouraged me to speak up in my local church on helping in the ministry in any way possible. I identify myself as a pastor/leader with a focus on the youth. The ordination and training has prepared me for advancing in ministry. The knowledge gained from CLI is more than what I expected. It is not to be taken lightly. I am more confident after taking the class from CLI.

My church has always encouraged a deeper walk with God. Only then when you be guided into what he wants you to do for his ministry. I have also encouraged others to get involved with CLI to help with ministry training. This ministry training has saved time and money. I was able to take the classes at my own pace. This was a plus as it would have been hard to accomplish as much as I did going to a regular school. The training has saved me money by offering the classes for free. I am sure this training at any other place would have cost a lot in which some people would have to take out a loan. This helps your spiritual growth all while being budget friendly.

This ordination has brought back to my remembrance my gifts. I plan to use my gift of poetry in my teachings/sermons. The same way David used poetry to convey his message to the people. A simple yet effective way. This ordination class also help to overcome fears that I had about ministry.

My ministry goals and dreams are to help empower the community by getting to know Jesus and sharing the love he has for me to them. I believe the community needs Jesus in a big way more than ever today. I believe we are in the last days and the worse has yet to come. We need God like never before. I believe I am called to start a ministry that helps young girls from all walks of life that teaches them the pit falls of life, social, and domestic skills. My life can be a testimony to so many other women in this world. There are so many lost girls with no role models to help show them the way. I was to be a vessel to help guide them to Christ and a better life.

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