My name is Hannah Plemmons. I live in the USA. Being involved in a ministry in the US is very easy compared to some places. In April of 2014, I began to struggle truly with my salvation. I had been raised in a Christian home, and I knew about the Bible and what it taught. I was driving home one day from dropping my brother off at work and a song came over the radio. The song immediately convicted me. I decided that I was going to go and talk to a friend of mine. I went to see him, but he wasn’t in. I decided that I would try the next day to reach his wife. Again the opportunity fell through. It was on a Wednesday night. I was in the second row of the church. I can’t remember what the pastor preached. All I could think of was if I died today where would I go. The moment church ended I sought out a woman in the church. We went into a room, and there I poured my heart out to God and He saved me.

My ministry dream is to serve with the youth. They are the next generation and they must know that there is something better than what the world can offer. I am a small group leader. I help lead a small group of young children in my church. They are such a blessing to work with. I decided to get some ministry training to help me better be able to lead. I had heard about CLI before and I decided to look at it. It was a good program with a good pace to work at.

Some of the things about the area that I am currently in. Is that people here are very religious but that is it. They truly don’t have a relationship with God. They think going to church on Sunday morning is enough. They use God when it is convenient for them.

My church is very helpful in supporting me. They have been such a blessing in helping to reach my goals. Through prayer and other means of help. My parents are also very helpful. They believe that I should follow what God has laid before me. I praise God everyday for them.
I scholarship at CLI will help me continue in the things that I want to do. Which is to reach the world with the gospel. Even if it is one child at a time. I would love for CLI to pray that I will have more opportunity to help children and to share the love God has for them.

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