Thailand Bible School
Thailand Bible School

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Christian Leaders Institute offers a high quality Thailand Bible School online. Called leaders from Thailand can access over 22 Bible Training classes.

Betche Tabilid, One of the First Students in the Thailand Bible School

I was raised up to a Christian family since my mom is a Born Again Christian. I knew the LORD even I was still young. I usually talked to God in prayers and I started to read the Bible everyday.After a couple of years after, I began to understand the importance of having an intimate relationship with God.I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Right after the baptism of water, I had such joy! I was on fire in gathering the children and telling them the word of God. It was really a wonderful experience that I won’t ever forget in my entire life!

Currently, I am in the country that God allowed me to be in. Thailand is now my second mission field. Honestly, I was in Cambodia for 2 years yet God closed it and allowed me to be here. Just like in Cambodia, Thailand needs spiritual awakening! As His servant, I simply do the task that He wants me to do here. I am actually teaching the Thai kids at the Thai church voluntarily. Teaching ministry is just one of the ways to reach people for Christ. Since I am a teacher by profession, I would like to use it for His glory.

Well, we only have to stay for two years in the mission field before we could go back to our beloved country. I have 1 year and 8 months left. I believed that God prepared everything for me already. Let’s see if God wants me to be back home after my two years mission term here or if he wants me to go the extra mile. Whatever it is, His will be done. My desire is to really share the good news with everyone all over the world. After my mission term here in Thailand, I don’t know what the next step will be. However, I believe that God will bring me to the place where He would like me to be.

Now, getting to know more about God in my life is indeed vital as I continue to live by faith. It was almost two weeks ago that I searched for a Christian online course for free so I could further enhance my personal walk with God through studying His word. Then, I came across with this Christian Leaders Institute. I found this institute relevant to my daily walk with God here in the mission field. Availing the CLI scholarship will be a great help in reaching my ministry dream.

Please help me pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as well as for the boldness in sharing the word of God to everyone here!

Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns!
God bless you!


I am a teacher by profession and a servant of God at heart. I was working as an ESL teacher before but I quit just to follow the call. I don’t have anything except for one thing. This makes me have everything. This is having Jesus into my life! What I have now is all by God’s grace. I remember that I did long to be a missionary when I was young. I am raised up into a Christian home since my mom is a Born Again Christian but my dad was not. My mom brought me to the church, where I learned to memorize the Scripture verses. The first memory verse was, Ephesians 6:1″Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.” I was 3 years old when I memorized it. But I did not understand clearly of how important to stand firm in the word of God. I am the eldest daughter and I have 5 younger sisters. I have one older brother and one younger brother. For almost 25 years, my mom did not have a job. She is just a plain housewife while my dad died on December 16, 1997. My mom wanted me to stop studying, yet I did not want to. So, I asked God to help me with my study. The fact is, we are such a big family without a dad and our mom didn’t have any work. Who will be there for us? My mom was thinking of sending us to Department of Social Welfare and Development so the government would take care of us, yet we would have been taken away from my mom. Finally, she failed to do such. Furthermore, we were separated. My sister was living with my authority in Mindanao, that’s other island in Philippines. My older brother has to stop from studying just to work for us. On the other hand, I asked God’s help regarding my study. While I may not blessed financially, He blessed me intellectually! With His help, I was able to finish Bachelor of Elementary Education. For 2 years I was in my first mission field, Cambodia. Furthermore, God changed my mission field. I am currently here in Bangkok, Thailand. I still have to stay here for 2 years before I will be back in Philippines. But I actually promise God that I will be in the mission field for 5 years as I used my profession for His glory. Long before, I really would like to be in the Bible School yet my mom did not want me to. So, I asked God what course He would like me to have. Preaching is like teaching, Jesus is also a teacher. Then, I asked God to allow me to pass the interview and exam. God did it for me. So, I became a scholar and successfully finished my profession. God is indeed awesome!
One of my dreams is to really be in the mission field. When I was in the missionary training center and we had to decide what country we would like to be with. The countries I would like to be with were China, India and Africa. Unfortunately, the doors were closed that time. One night in the missionary training center, I talked to God. I told Him that if He would like me to be in Cambodia then He will tell my co-missionary in a dream since I don’t want to tell her that I would like to be in Cambodia. So, in the morning my co-missionary asked me if I would like to be in Cambodia with her. Honestly, when she said I already had an idea that God told her something yet she didn’t tell me about it. Then, the time has come that I had to leave my beloved country for the mission field. Prior to that I asked lots of things from God and He gave each one of them. One of the things I asked from Him was getting to Thailand before going to the mission field. I didn’t know that time that there is no direct flight from Philippines to Cambodia. It was just so amazing the my flight was from Philippines to Thailand. I was really wondering about it, then God reminded me of the prayer I had. I just told Him that I would like to be in Thailand even just in the airport yet God will always give more than we ask for. I did stay in Thailand for 3 nights and 2 days. One of those times, I talked to God and said that I will be back in Thailand to work for His glory. Indeed, before I went back to Philippines, the missionary director told me that I have to close every connection I had since I am not coming back to Cambodia as soon as I will be back in the mission field. I will be in Thailand. I didn’t argue with it since I already knew that it’s a part of God’s plan for me to be here in Thailand. Well, I got a year left then after my 2 years mission term. I asked God that I would like to work with others in the mission field. I hope I will be given the chance to be in China, India or Africa to work for God’s glory! I am just so thankful to God for allowing me to know this Christian Leaders Institute! I believed God has a great plan for me ahead! It’s indeed a blessing to be a part of CLI family!

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