Seminary Online Benefits

1. Seminary Training Without Uprooting

Seminary online makes it possible for students to be trained effectively and quickly without relocating. They can keep their job while they prepare for ministry, and they can remain in their community. This is especially strategic for people 30 years old and older seeking a path toward bi-vocational or full-time ministry. Seminary or Bible School training is finally available to you!

Seminary Online is needed by Lacramoira

Seminary Online fits Lacramioara’s goal to strengthen her counseling skils in the U.K.  Read and like her story at Facebook

2.  Seminary Training and Freedom from Debt

      • CLI training is financially available to every called and accepted student. Thus far students have been able to study tuition-free, thanks to full scholarships funded by students, individuals, foundations and churches who share CLI’s vision. Ministry students only need to purchase books for a few courses. Most of the online seminary courses now have the written materials in the course which makes the course even more accessible.
      • Financial freedom allows for bi-vocational ministry or serving a smaller group. This is vitally important because 75% of American churches have fewer than 150 members; 95% have fewer than 350. Internationally most churches are very small and scarcely funded. Seminary training online is practical for bi-vocational leaders.
      • More churches can be planted and remain viable if leader training costs are lower (Leaders need higher pay if their training requires that they pay for years of tuition for college and residential seminary. It is not financially viable for debt-laden leaders to live on the lower salaries that smaller groups are able to pay).
      • Much has been written recently about how debt negatively affects bi-vocational seminary students Check out this post from Kurt Willems.

3. Seminary Training that is Cost-Effective

      • CLI has little overhead in comparison to the typical seminary or Bible School.
      • Donors can be confident that CLI offers excellent training at a fraction of what traditional Bible schools and seminaries cost.

4. Seminary Mentorship Model

      • CLI partners with local sponsors and pastors who mentor students. These local leaders come alongside of the student to encourage and sponsor them in their ministry training journey..
      • CLI’s vision is to support pastors in reproducing Christian leaders by allowing local pastors to have an effective option in training the new leaders who are being raised up.


5. Mission-Minded Seminary Professors

      • CLI faculty members combine keen intellect with enthusiastic experience in outreach and evangelism.
      • Most CLI professors have planted a church.
      • All of CLI’s online seminary professors have advanced degrees and experience
      • All of the professors seek to make disciples of all nations.
      • Several of CLI’s online seminary professors have overseas experience.

6. Tweener Seminary Training

      • CLI training is positioned between traditional seminaries and local church classes. CLI offers the best elements of seminary education at local levels everywhere on the globe.
      • Aspiring leaders need not choose between the extremes of either years of full-time academic study after high school, or else starting a church with no training.
      • Tweener seminary training is key for raising up a large, skilled army of church planters and leaders.

7. Contextual Communication

      • CLI emphasizes actual ministry activity not the distraction of a resident seminary journey.
      • Class assignments are not footnoted research papers, but quizes, papers, and interactions that support your academic training.

8. Home Discipleship

      • A daily walk with Jesus and godly leadership in the home are foundational for spiritual leadership.
      • CLI features an emphasis in your seminary training on cultivating daily worship at home.
      • The whole CLI curriculum and training approach emphasizes character and spiritual connectedness.
      • We cultivate patterns of daily Bible reading, prayer and memorization for our students.
      • The first part of the getting started class focuses on home discipleship and faith foundation issues.

9. Bible Doctrine Culture

      • The Bible is the Word of God, and this truth directs all teaching and learning at CLI.
      • The second part of the getting started class focuses on Christian Basics that ground you in Biblical doctrine and grounds your seminary training.

10. Multicultural Seminary Culture

      • CLI is training people from different ethnic groups for their ministry callings all over the world.
      • Several of our professors have international experience and they bring that experience to your seminary training.

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