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A Passion to Teach Children

My name is Venetia Frost and I have a passion to teach children. I am from Griffin, Georgia. I am married to Mike Frost. I have one son, Joshua Skirvin and 5 grandsons. My favorite childhood memories are when we lived far out of town in the country. We had 15 acres to roam freely on. There was a creek at the edge of our property. My 5 brothers and I spent a lot of time playing in the creek each summer. Often our cousins would come down for the summer and spend time with us. We had wild blackberry bushes, a horse, a pig, and a rooster. We often rode the horse, although at times the horse ran away. It was a typical childhood in many ways because we spent so much time playing outside. We weren’t poor, but we weren’t rich either. Being the only girl, I was often lonely. I did not play with dolls like most little girls. I preferred to climb a tree with a good book and read, or play in the creek. My parents were avid Christians. We were always in church. Until I was 15, it was just what we did. It didn’t really mean anything to me. I never gave God too much thought. Later, however, I was very grateful for a Christian upbringing. I’ve never questioned whether or not there is a God. So many young people are struggling with what once was a basic understanding.

When I was 15, a lot of things changed in my life. First, I was born again at camp. Six months later, my mother died. My perfect world began falling apart. My older 2 brothers were in the service. The two middle children (my brother and I) were sent to live with aunts, and my 2 youngest brothers stayed with our dad. It is interesting how God can turn a tragedy around and we can be better because of it. In later years, our aunts became pivotal in family gatherings. If we had not lived with them, there wouldn’t be the closeness there is today.

As a child, I always knew I was meant to teach children. The desire and gifting were evident. A peculiar thing happened in 6th grade Math. As strange as it may sound, it is actually true. My math teacher had to be away one day from class. He asked me to teach the class. Another teacher was there to supervise, but I taught the class. I remember being nervous. This was just not done! I never had the nerve to ask him why he did it. Not to be arrogant, but I was good at math. I suppose God directed him to see the gift of teaching in me. From then on, I wanted to teach. Perhaps that was the catalyst God used to spark the desire in me to teach children. However, God never intended me to teach in a school.

At the age of 27, after recommitting my life to God, I began teaching children’s Sunday School. I taught for 20 years. It really gave me joy. It kept me in the Word all the time. This is something I’ve come to truly appreciate because staying in the Word brought me through many trials. Another gifting that surfaced later was writing. Although I’ve retired from teaching children in Sunday School, I still teach as a backup Sunday School teacher at our church for the adult and children’s classes. We also have a home group where our family, friends, and church members gather monthly to dine, worship and have Bible studies. We’ve kept this group going for 25 years. It has really sustained our family through a lot of hard times.

My dream is connected to my passion, which still is to teach children. Although I’ve authored a book for adults, my dream is to provide Christian stories for children and faith-filled products for children to see and hear the Word as they grow up. There are so many demonic attacks on the minds and hearts of children today. What they believe growing up will direct the path they choose in life. I desire that what they see and hear are the Love, Faithfulness, and Forgiveness of God.

In my personal life, many events have brought me to the understanding that without God, I would not be alive. I would not have even made it to adulthood. I’ve been divorced twice. When life hits you hard, if you haven’t any foundation, you can crumble. God has always moved in my life to direct me, even when I wasn’t living for Him. He is a faithful God. Although I’ve taught the Word for many years, I have a hunger to know the Word better. So I appreciate this first course at CLI. I know God led me to Christian Leaders Institute to help me not only in fulfilling the dream for faith products for children; but also to know the Word better!

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