Sithembile Kumwenda from South Africa

Greetings children of Living God, my name is Sithembile Kumwenda (Mrs. Zita) from Malawi in Southern Afric, I am 30 years of age married with 3 children all boys. Am here to appeal for a scholarship by God’s grace. Have been a student of CLI since 2014 August, and I have successfully completed 88 credit hours and a GPA of 2.718 with 15 awards.

CLI has helped me to have strength and confidence that I will reach where God wants me to reach. Am in need of this scholarship because I can not afford to pay any amount of money since am really struggling financially. I depend on my husband who has not been working for the past 4 years and it is just now that God has smiled on us by giving my husband a job through the salary is not enough to carter all the expenses so by being included in this scholarship will really help me to achieve my God-given dream. Though I have completed more certificates with CLI I haven’t even at once been able to call for an official certificate talk less of student ID. My financial status is what makes to appeal for this Pool of Bethesda scholarship program.

The degree will really help me by achieving the most dream I ever have in my life, I was once a student of a certain theological college here in my country but because of lack of financial help, I was not able to complete since no one in my family was willing to support me. And as a woman called by God to reach out to people especially youth, having a degree will really put me in a position to advise them the importance of education and how God want us His children to be the heads, not tails.

My vision is to preach Christ to this troubled world more especially to the less privileged people showing the unconditional love of God and give them hope, most importantly preparing them for the rapture. The free courses that I am doing with CLI is equipping me for this task and every day am growing strong and mature spiritually. There are some things that I have learned with CLI that I never knew all along.

As much as I know that there are more applicants I strongly believe that I am more qualified for this scholarship not for selfish reasons but I know and I believe is the answer to my prayers. The Lord says in Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me and I will answer you and I will show you the marvelous things you don’t know.” I believe this is a time.

Am a married woman to Kelvin Zita a wonderful and loving man, very supportive husband and a good father to his kids. I have 3 sons Tubani ( it means to be holy ) Victory and Miracle.

I was born in the family of 6 children the same mother but different fathers, it was so hard growing in the environment where attention from both parents was impossible, have gone through many kinds of abuse. Growing up was very difficult for me because I didn’t receive the love that everyone will really want to receive as a child. I believe because of the things I went through drove me to seek true love. I thank God my uncle who led me to Christ when I was only 8 years old. From that moment my life began to change knowing that am not alone but there is someone who truly loves me, who cares despite many weaknesses I have. This is how I started my relationship with the Lord though it wasn’t an easy road for a child because I faced more battles that sometimes I failed to endure. I thank God He was always there to rescue me and bring back to my feet again and now am stronger than before indeed His grace is sufficient.

CLI  has played a big role in my life, has given hope and confidence that I can do it in life even when the world thinks I have nothing to offer. CLI has taken away fear and make me a strong woman. I remember when I failed to complete theology course I was disappointed, people called me names, ” we knew you will fail how on earth can you succeed in life by becoming a pastor? ” I prayed for the will of God to be done in my life and I heard God speaking to me and He said, ” You have not failed because you still have me the Author and the Finisher of your faith” And CLI has been my answer to my prayers.

As the Bible says in John 16: 33 ” in the world there are tribulations but be of good cheer because I overcome the world” This verse gives me courage that even though things are hard but I will get there for my God is with me.

You know as my fellow Christians that battle is so intense when you know that your own family rejects you. And I am a living testimony till now my family keeps on rejecting me, persecuting me because I choose to follow Christ, though it is like that my focus is Eternal Life and I love them and pray for them.

This is not the only challenge I face every in ministry; here in Africa men are always superior to women so to minister even in the church becomes difficult but God is so kind, He gives me victory. And now God is using me in a mighty way and people are giving their lives to Christ, people are being delivered from evil bondage.

Being a wife, a mother and a minister of God is quite challenging to balance but I see God every day helping me to do all things without problems. CLI has really taught me the very important things I need to have a successful ministry. A key to all these is to have a good relationship with God, Do His Will not your will, be obedient always and as a child of God always be led by the Holy Spirit.

Finally, I pray and I believe that I will be considered for this scholarship.

Note: I will not be able to send a picture because I don’t have any now since I was not taking pictures.

Yours faithfully