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Student Learner Studying at CLI

My name is Peta Gay Waugh, and I live and work in Jamaica. I describe myself as a student learner and am learning, understanding and getting to know Him. Therefore, as I grow on my journey as a Christian, I must understand and be able to relate to my experiences.

Being a part of the Christian Leaders Institute during this process is truly a blessing. First, it fulfilled my quest to learn and grow as a Christian. Second, it provided me with the tools needed to better understand God and my role and responsibilities as a leader. I am challenged, and the more I delve in, the more I am eager to learn. Already, I find myself being more open to sharing and fellowshipping with everyone.

Christian leaders in Jamaica are either ordained or have gone through the theological process. The expectations are very high, as they are role models selected by a high calling. The community usually seeks counseling and advice in all forms from them. They even attest documents and are often summoned by the police if and when needed.

Raised as a Christian

As a child, I grew up admiring these leaders, especially in my household. Going to church was considered imperative. My mother sat with us on the veranda on Sunday evening as we studied the Bible through reading the stories. We rarely fellowshipped together except for those days, but I knew it was necessary. Each morning, my mother sat in the bathroom, praying and reading her Bible. My father did the same thing. So my siblings and I followed suit with evening prayer also as a must.

We also expressed thanks for the day and what we accomplished. Our parents reminded us of the need to be humble, grateful, and take nothing for granted. In my household, we were responsible for each other. Mother, the nurturer, would also be reminding us of our responsibilities to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper. A trust that I have grown to respect over the years. It has taught me how to work with others and accept them for who they are.

Student Learner about God at CLI

My acceptance of the Lord happened when I was about ten. I was in the bathroom, the quiet family place, reading the Bible when I began to speak in tongues. It was a surreal feeling. I have come to look forward to it as it is like God speaking through me. Ministering and fellowshipping with God is something that I do every day. I am always humbled to share my testimony of how good God has been to me. My spiritual aspiration is to become so devoted to the Lord that I am one with Him. My biggest hurdle is being diligent in my mission. It is for this reason that being a part of the Christian Leaders Institute is essential to me as it has made me more focused.

As I delve into this knowledge being offered, I hope that I will learn and comprehend so that I can become a teacher and guide to others. I assist my siblings financially, so I do not have the income to fund my studies. Hence, since this training is free, I feel blessed that God answered my prayers. Learning and understanding His Word is paramount to me. A scholarship enables me with the ability to complete more classes so that I can teach and guide others positively. Thank you, CLI!

Learn about ordination options at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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