Called to Teach

Called to Teach God’s Word

Greetings! My name is Miranda Cassett, and I live in the United States of America. My ministry calling is to teach the Word of God to others so that they understand the Bible better. There is such a high biblical illiteracy rate and that deeply saddens me. The Bible is such a marvelous book! The Bible is the very words of God, and all believers can go deeper into the study of the Scriptures. What a blessing!

I was called to teach an adult Sunday school class back in 2013 and have been working toward that goal at Christian Leaders Institute. CLI has been instrumental in my ministry training and a blessing to me. I have learned so many valuable things at Christian Leaders Institute. It has helped me to grow in my faith and my walk with God.

Called to Teach: My Ministry Dream

Currently, I am teaching a Sunday school class to Junior High students. However, I feel my calling is to teach adults. At this time, my challenge has been obstacles that keep me from fulfilling my ministry calling to teach. One example of such an obstacle is my church’s view on women adult Sunday School teachers. I trust that God will show me how and where He wants me to serve Him.

My ministry dream for the future is to be able to use the ministry training I receive from the Christian Leaders Institute to teach a Bible class. I want to teach in a manner that is simple yet informative. I want to help others enhance their knowledge of Scripture and deepen their faith by being in the Word. My hope is to help decrease biblical illiteracy in my church and through online ministry.

Learn about degree study options at the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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