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“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”       -Joshua 1:9

Evangelizing in street ministry takes an amazing amount of courage. Yet we find our students with such bravery going into the world to minister to all God puts in their path! Even if that means taking our ministry to the streets across the world.

Life on the Streets Encourages CLI Student to Begin a Street Ministry

My name is Gail and I was born in Philadelphia, Pa. I attended Catholic school and made my sacraments up to my confirmation. My family was broken from divorce and abuses. I left home at 12 years of age. I prayed to God, attended church and confession, and I believed; however, I was missing something. I felt alone and did not seem to find God at the mass I attended. I found refuge on the highways in strangers and never returned home. Life on the streets was tough for a child. I even served time in a San Bernardino, California county jail when I was 15 years old. I was a lost soul being sucked down and down.

When I was 16, a kind stranger encouraged me to find family and leave this life. I found my grandma and she got me in school and helped me find God again. I went to school, got married (still married for 22 years now), had 2 awesome children, and wanted to share my story to help others. I had found that relationship with God that was missing for so long.

I take my street ministry to the streets to the lost souls and the homeless. I help them to know that God loves them and Jesus had made it possible for them to return to God in order to find salvation. I live as an example that all things are possible and God can help us change and excel. Whether it is on the streets or bible studies in my home, I am committed to sharing the Word with others.

I am working on my Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. I hope to improve my knowledge in the bible so I can be a Christian counselor. It seems that people have lost the value and meaning of God in their lives and I want to help change this. I want to be a Pastor and a Counselor. My dream is to start a street ministry program that helps these lost souls by bringing them to God and taking them off the streets. I am interested in helping those in jails or those caught in the legal system; a Christian program that ministers to them and helps them build a productive life with God.

My family is my life and we follow God together. My husband is supportive and eager to learn. I pray that when I am done in school, I can create this program that will be a shining example of doing the things that Jesus asked of us all. I ask for prayers that this dream becomes a reality and it is a light that illuminates the darkest corners. I hope to be that example that glorifies God.

I am a poor student and I am so grateful to find CLI offers these classes; otherwise I would not be able to pursue this knowledge and improve my ministry. I consider myself blessed to have found CLI!

Training In The Direction To Evangelize With A Street Ministry

Just like with any ministry, street ministry can be extremely challenging. With a variety of personalities out there, how does one prepare for the ministry field to be taken to the streets? With Christian Leaders Institute we are here to provide ministry training to build up Christian leaders around the world. Our classes have remained free and online so all who have been called has an opportunity to join in kingdom work! Click here to enroll! Transform lives. Reach the lost. It’s time to come back to God.

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