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Leadership Development Training In Ministry- Setting A God Walk Foundation

My name is Darin Thomas and I am from Inwood, WV. Doing ministry in the United States is an honor to me. The formation of our country was founded on many of God’s principles and evidence of this can be found on our historical documents, our money, and even in our pledge of allegiance to our country’s flag. Unfortunately, many of our countrymen have lost their way. Crime is on the rise. We see greed in corporate America, and more people are becoming self serving instead of God serving. Regulations on TV and radio are becoming more lax and foul language and vulgar content are now accepted as entertainment. So called reality shows are spotlighting celebrity lifestyle dramas which is damaging the family unit as we once knew it. The good news in all of this is that there is a platform to serve the Lord and minister to His people right in my own backyard. Based on our historical inclusiveness of God in all of our founding values it is clear to me that revival is necessary. Meaning we must lead God’s people back to God.

I was personally brought back to God in 2009. My grandfather was a trustee in the church. My family decided to attend church with him one Father’s day because we felt that at his age our time together was becoming more and more precious. When I attended that service I was captivated by the truth that was being spoken from the pulpit. I began to attend more regularly and what started off as a one-time visit became a regular thing. It wasn’t long before I publicly accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. A few years later in 2013, my pastor, Pastor Peter Thomas Sr., extended the invitation to become a deacon of the church, and I answered the call. Today I also serve on the financial team and the board of directors.

Since high school I have studied business. I currently own a home-based business and all of my work experience has been in, marketing, management, and leadership development. I am particularly passionate about finding and developing other leaders. As I learned about CLI in the introductory class, I found that their ambition is in harmony with my ministry ambitions. They wish to train and mobilize Christian leaders so that they may duplicate themselves thus creating an army of God’s people. I aspire to train and mobilize Christian leaders as well. I aspire to become a pastor and in that capacity not only preach the word of the Lord, but also implement programs, education, and accountability that will help called leaders get what they need in order to advance the Kingdom. I believe in call to action. It is my vision that I will move people to action, and help lead them to deliverance and abundance in the name of Jesus.

When I was called to be a deacon it really woke me up to the fact that God was raising me up as a leader. It was then that I really began to take my ministry training seriously. As I began to meditate on God’s way, it opened doors in other aspects of my life. I became a better leader in my business because I could lead people through life situations. I discovered that often people who thought they had a money problem really didn’t. What they were struggling with was vision, integrity, self-esteem, and other things. And these root issues were causing the money shortage. If I wasn’t led, I couldn’t lead people out of these situations. Soon I found myself leading people to financial freedom and spiritual freedom at the same time. I started looking at my business as not just a profit center but a platform to lead souls to Christ.

Whenever you network you meet people who know people. Your circle of influence begins to expand geographically which is great but challenging. I have business partners in states that I have never been, but thanks to technology I am able to minister to them via emails, chat, phone, and web conferences. Thankfully, I have been getting a ton of support from my church family. I go to a very small church. I noticed that nobody else was aspiring to become a minister. While I understand not everyone is going to aspire to do these things, I found it strange that nobody was taking the necessary course of action. I began to remember what my mentors in business taught me. People need leadership. I found that once I announced my ambitions in ministry everyone began to rally around me. Now they are inspired and to dream again.

My family has been very supportive. My grandma frequently puts me in tears when she tells me how proud she is of me. She says, “Your grandfather would be so proud of you!” My parents have always believed that I was destined for great things. Lastly, my wife and kids are my responsibility. As the head of the household it is my God mandated duty to raise them up as believers. To love them and lead them in God’s word. My wife is a deaconess and my children, though very young, are already mighty prayer warriors!

Leadership development training with CLI will help me achieve my ministry goals. It is important that you have an education to accompany your work ethic and vision. My desire to serve the Lord is already in place. My vision grows larger and more clearly every day! CLI can offer me the top notch education I need to see the mission through. I am grateful for this leadership development training opportunity. Pray for me as I raise up my family. Please pray that I stay root focused by learning and leaning on God’s word, but that the fruit of this may inspire others. Lastly, unite with me in prayer that I may bring God glory by stepping into all that He has for me!

Leadership Development Training With CLI

Receive your free online leadership development training in ministry with Christian Leaders Institute. Click here to begin a new journey in your life for the Lord as you step out and step up to the plate of spreading the message of Jesus Christ! It’s all about Jesus! And for us at CLI, we’re about building up others in leadership development for the Lord.

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