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South Africa Ministry Training – South African Christian Leaders Institute student Juanita Van Heerden is called to bring God’s love to those victimized by human trafficking. Time Magazine online wrote, “The sex trade is fueling human trafficking in South Africa with experts estimating that 30,000 children are being trafficked every year. Half of them are under the age of 14.South Africa Ministry Training

Juanita is 28 years old. She is bold for Jesus. She is receiving South Africa ministry training online at CLI. She has received her Christian Basic Certificate and is now taking more classes for more advanced ministry training.  She has given her life to this calling.  She so appreciates the opportunity to receive advanced ministry training.

“South Africa ministry training is available to me online and it will equip me to share the gospel with people who have been trafficked to South Africa from all over the world, who have never heard of Jesus before. And in receiving this valuable training, I will also know more about the Bible in-depth, and will therefore be able to answer questions to newly converted Christians who have many questions about the Bible.”

I asked Juanita what sparked her calling to work with those harmed by human trafficking. She wrote,  “I will tell you though what sparked the flame in my heart to go in this direction. But beware, it is not a nice story, and I pray that you will be able to take the good from this. If you are sensitive I advise you not to read ahead” She detailed for me the plight of a child who experienced such cruelty.

Juanita explained the nature of ministry to those so poorly treated.  She said,

“Ladies who work on the streets and brothels are very scared to admit that they want to get out, because their pimps threaten to kill them and their families. Fear is the main weapon they use against these girls and women.  When women are either rescued or escaped from trafficking situations, and get to a shelter, a very long process starts. Men who have mistreated them and used them only for their own advantage have lied to them for so many years.”

Her story makes me so motivated to offer South Africa ministry training to help people in this beautiful country.

Juanita loves her training. She said, “Through the teachings and readings, I am taught (and will be able to teach others) how certain stories from the Bible apply to our life today. I will preach liberty to the captives! Halleluiah!”

South Africa Ministry Training Is Available Free for Anyone with Internet Access


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