Can anyone be changed without a touch from GOD?

And these went with Him a band of men whose heart’s GOD had touched” 1 Samuel 10:2.
According to this verse no man can accomplish GOD’s WILL without being touched by HIM.
To touch generally means to make a physical contact with someone or something. In so far as GOD is being Spirit how does that touch occur? A touch from GOD deals both with the physical and the spiritual, the changes produced by this touch take place within one’s spirit and are reflected on the outside.
The conversion of Paul is a very relevant example for the understanding of GOD’s touch as much as it illustrates the definition given higher up. GOD touched Paul both physically and spiritually. Acts 9:28 relates the story of how Paul who was formally Saul has been converted by GOD’s touch of both his spirit and his sight. Just as the band of men was submitted to GOD’s will after being touched by HIM, Paul experienced this same divine touch.
Anyone who desire transformation, who is yearning to work for GOD , who seek for healing, who strives to obey Him faithfully cannot fullfill neither one of these desires without recieving a powerful touch from GOD. Therefore we ought to be ready and position ourselves in order to receive this DIVINE TOUCH.
The word touch contains five letters. It refers to one action but each letter symbolises an attribute of GOD’s DIVINE TOUCH

I) The touch of GOD T-ransforms
A) The touch of GOD brings forgiveness of sins to those who repent and believe. It also brings cleansing and power to those who yield themselves totally to GOD.

B) The transforming touch of GOD renews everything concerning us: We recieve a NEW LIFE in JESUS CHRIST, a NEW HOPE of everlasting life, NEW DESIRES and NEW ACTIVITIES

2 Corinthians 5:17 declares «If any man be in CHRIST, he is a new creature”

II) ….O-rdains
A) A considerable number of Christians are unsuccessful due to the fact that they do not work for GOD. For some, witnessing to those who are unsaved in order to gain their soul for CHRIST, is a task reserved to Ministers only.

B) However the touch of GOD Ordains all Christian into GOD’s service. We all are mediums which could be used by GOD to share a smile, a helping hand, a prayer.

“I have …ordained you that ye should go and bring forth fruit” says JESUS CHRIST himself in the book of John 15:16

III)…. U-unifies
A) A great aggregate of denominations fail, for the people forming part of them work in division, they are torn apart thus, they work in different directions.

B) Therefore the touch of GOD brings harmony and love and enables us to accomplish HIS will in “the unity of the spirit” (Ephesians 4:3)

“How good it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity” says David a man after GOD’s heart Psalms 133:1

IV) ….C-onquers
A) Much Christians quit too easily, they lower their arms and give up whenever they’re persecuted, rebuked or whenever they fail to get their own way.

B) Whereas the Touch of GOD gives us courage to conquer, CHRIST provides us with the strength which enables us to persevere and endure.

Romans 8:37 “We are more than conquerors through HIM that loved us.”
Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through HIM that strengthens me.”

V) ….H-eals
A) A great many of people have never experienced divine healing due to lack of faith. In fact we cannot suppose that we can please GOD or even receive any blessing from HIM if we don’t first of all trust HIM. Paul statement in Hebrews 11:6 is the best example to illustrate this argument: «By faith Enoch was taken up so that he should not see death.”

B) The touch of GOD allows physical, mental and spiritual healing. We can have this Devine experience by reading HIS word, praying unto Him, believing in HIM, accepting and obeying HIM. Matthew 9:29 says: “Then he touched their eyes saying, “According to your faith be it done.”

Matthew 8:3 “And JESUS put HIS hand and touched him.”

GOD’s touch is essential in any and every individual’s life. The Bible declares that no man can come to GOD if he isn’t draw by the Spirit. In other words this signifies that its GOD touch that saves us and gives us eternal life. No man can accomplish GOD’s will if he isn’t first touch by GOD. Experiencing the touch of GOD enables us to understand who He is and gives us faith in Him.

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