Small Group Leader Journey

Small Group Leader Journey

Hello, my name is Matthew G. Stickney, and I am on a small group leader journey. I was born in Oregon in 1980. We moved to Missouri in 1982 and have been here ever since. The most common nickname that is given to the area I live in is called the Bible Belt. Ministry in the USA has become fun and exciting.  Jesus is good and ministry is good, and there will always be people that need to be reached.

Throughout my life, I tested the boundaries and pled with God to show me a sign or even just take over my life. It wasn’t until 2015 when I heard the call of Jesus. His voice took over my thoughts and this overwhelming feeling of joy hit me as I heard a voice say, “Here I am.” I began to feel different as my heart was moved to new heights. I was baptized this year and am moving on my journey to follow Jesus. In 2016, I joined a men’s ministry at Evangel Temple. At this group, I read, studied, and heard Jesus calling me to use my strengths and drive to pursue ministry on my small group leader journey.

My ministry dream is to bring men of all ages back to becoming leaders that can walk their faith openly with their families. Jesus is the ultimate example of how men should act and behave. Families are as distant as ever as technology continues to advance in children’s lives. I wish to help men become better men using the example and model of Jesus himself.

The getting started class at Christian Leaders Insitute has helped me to strengthen my faith and walk with the Lord by bringing back devotional time to my family. I will continue to see the Lord through talking, listening, and devotion. This class has helped me see the gaps in my current walk.

I most identify as a Small Group Leader, as I have been called to lead men on their journey to follow our Lord. My calling has pulled me to help men be better leaders of their families. With comfort, application, worshiping, discussing, and a little adventure, I believe that the Lord has given me the opportunity to reach families.

The church I currently call home has been a place of worship in my family for more than 25 years. I was walked away at an early age by my own doing and left with the thought that there was more in the world. To be called back to the church of my Grandparents is a blessing as we have been part of this church before and it feels like home. I hope to reach a greater number of men here. I have joined a security ministry and become one of the leaders in this group.

Free ministry training at CLI Is most important as I am unable to afford ministry training at a regular college or university. My training in the recent years since I have been called has been through books, prayer, and my local ministers at church. Until now, I felt that receiving a quality education in ministry was only a dream. Then one day, God lead me to Christian Leaders Institute. With God’s help and this training, I can fulfill my calling.

Learn about local ecuministry ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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