Sierra Leone Free Ministry Training

Sierra Leone Free Ministry Training

According to Wikipedia, Sierra Leone is a West African nation founded in the colonial age by Great Britain as the “Province of Freedom.” Many resettled slaves from London formed a colony in the late 18th century.

In 1961, Sierra Leone became an independent nation. Civil war broke out from 1991-2002. Over 50,000 people were killed. The nation’s infrastructure was seriously degraded. The nation has peace now. This nation is largely Muslim (78 %) but the minority Christian population is free to exercise their faith. In fact, it is said that Sierra Leone is one of the most religious tolerating nations in the world.

Patrick Williams grew up as Christian. He tells his story of how he needed to launch his ministry dream with this Sierra Leone Free Ministry Training offered by Christian Leaders Institute.

Church Planting Dream

My name is Patrick Williams. I grew up in a church setting in my country, Sierra Leone. My parents were churchgoers and took me to church regularly in my early years. In my teens, I had the opportunity to attend other Christian programs organized by Youth For Christ. It was in these meetings I was introduced to Christ, as my personal Lord and Saviour. I gave my life to Christ at the age of nineteen years. Shortly afterward, I was accepted to the university in October 1988 to read mechanical engineering. I became part of the Christian fellowship there, and I received discipleship and was nurtured in the Lord there. I had the opportunity to attend several Christian conferences, workshops, retreats, and leadership training.

During my university study, I had the privilege to lead the fellowship as president in my final year in the university. I returned home and became part of a Bible-believing church in the neighborhood. This is where I received training and was ordained as a pastor. Several years along the way, the Lord led me to start a fellowship in 2003. Currently, the church has grown and we have two daughter churches in other locations.

I got married in 1995 and we are blessed with two sons. They are currently at the university. My wife and sons are supportive of my ministry work.

At this time, I pastor the headquarter church, I, therefore, felt the need for further training so that I can train and build more pastors for the work of the ministry. I have some ten pastors that serve together with me and the need for formal training has become a real need. This ministry training at Christian Leaders Insitute, therefore, will give me the opportunity to replicate what I have learned to the team of pastors making them enabled for the work of the ministry.

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