Ordained Ministry Journey

Ordained Ministry Journey

My name is Tony B. Bennett and I am on an ordained ministry journey. I live in the Boston, Massachusetts area and have been in the area all of my life. Though there are many churches and places of worship here this is a dark place. Biblical practices and expressions are shunned in many of the churches while tolerance toward other religions and faiths are highly regarded and encouraged. The light of the Gospel is needed.

Though I attended church as a child to the age of about 13 years old, my journey did not start until I was about 24 years old. Once I got to the age where I could work, I stopped going to church and eventually stopped participating in any church functions. It was more important for me to help my mom financially and pay my own way at an early age. Though I stopped going to church, my mother remained faithful and daily prayed for my soul and restoration to the Lord. She was not overbearing to me though there were those direct hints here and there. She allowed me to find my own way back by relying on the Holy Spirit. One day, that restoration came about. I felt a heavy conviction laid on my heart in which I fell to my knees in the kitchen and ever since then I have been walking with Christ.

This encounter led me to an intense period of time in prayer and studying of the Word. It was during this time that it became very clear to me that I was transformed to be a teacher of the Word. I was to serve others and help them to recognize their calling and election. I left my job and was expecting my first child, this was a season of refinement and purification.

The calling that has been placed within me is to plant a congregation to serve and build up individuals and families. I hope to mentor those who are called to this great work of snatching souls out of the fire and fostering healthy relationships within the community and homes of believers.

My mentor and teacher as well as my congregation family has recognized my calling and has been encouraging me to answer this call. This is why I am grateful to have found Christian Leaders Institute and it’s wonderful scholarship and ministry training opportunity. I have held Bible studies and support counseling at my local Congregation in addition to with the leadership team.

I am provided the opportunity to bring light to a dark environment on my ordained ministry journey. My Congregation is some distance away from where I live. So this ministry training and ordination will provide the opportunity to plant a local Congregation in my area. It’s critical today for Christ-centered and Bible-believing congregations to be planted.

A scholarship will allow me to do what I’ve been called to do for some time which is to serve as an ordained teacher of the gospel. I’ve not gone to ministry school due to financial setbacks and theology school is way too expensive. I can not take on any more debt, so a scholarship from CLI will meet that blessing of ministry training without the weight of a huge debt and regret. This will provide me the opportunity to start achieving my ordained ministry journey goals.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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