Sandra Williams of the United States of America – Christian Leaders Basic Certificate

My name is Sandra Williams, most people call me Sandi. I live in the USA and at honestly, at times find it difficult to do ministry. I rely heavily upon the Holy Spirit , for in my weakness, He is strong.
My mother raised me to trust in the Lord, just as her grandparents had taught her. I can still remember her teaching me the Lord’s prayer as a child, and always telling me to put God first. I lost her to advanced liver cancer in 2013 and that loss has had a profound impact upon my life. Again, in my darkest hours of despair, God loved me and gave me His peace. Jesus gave me His love and grace.
My ministry dream is to teach the word of the Lord and to become an evangelist. I love the word. I love talking about the word. I love reading it every day and finding new pearls of wisdom. I see so many people who attend bible study classes seeking to know the Lord in more profound ways , needing to be fed, and sometimes leaving still hungry and thirsty. I want Jesus to use me to help others better understand and appreciate the word. Also to help others disciple their children and family members.
I have always believed in God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, but I have not always lived accordingly. However, watching my mother succumb (in 6 months) to liver cancer, changed my entire life. I experienced pain, fear and loneliness at levels that only our Triune God could deliver me from. I sought Him and He was there to comfort me through His Word and to strengthen me. I know that I will live for Him forever.
Challenges are few within my geographic area. We are blessed to have many churches throughout our city. The challenges I face have to do with gaining deeper knowledge and understanding of the word, while trying to work a full time job. I would love to be able to take a 3-4 year break to attend Seminary, but I am determined to study God’s word any way I can, and nearly every day.
I am currently a member of an American Methodist Episcopal church that is founded on very strict disciplines. I can appreciate the rigor of these disciplines, but they can take time to adjust to. However, I am sure that many other groups operate in the same manner. My pastor has been very supportive as well as the ministerial team.
A scholarship at CLI would allow me to pursue my studies and achieve my dream of satisfying God’s calling upon my life. I’ve been searching for a learning opportunity that was both affordable and rigorous. I’ve enjoyed my learning thus far and look forward to taking additional courses.

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