My name is Cathy Blalock and I live in the United States. I am married with four children and two step children. I also have three grandchildren and soon to be four. I grew up in a small town in Georgia. Although, I was raised by two loving parents who were Christians I was not raised in church. At the age of seven God blessed me with a dream where I spoke to Jesus and this amazing dream drew me to want to know Jesus. Interestingly, in my dream Jesus spoke in words as the King James version of the Bible is written. I had no knowledge of this at the time as I had never read a Bible. My earthly father was with me at the start of this dream. When I awoke I shared what Jesus had told me. My father began looking up scripture immediately and seeing the words from my dream had meaning from the Bible. This was more than an ordinary dream. Myself and my father were changed that day. He began watching church shows on television. Years later, he began handing out business cards with a message to reach others for God. He handed those out everyday to strangers up to his death. A year before his death he told me God was going to take him that year and that he wanted me to continue to hand them out and take over his role of being a disciple for God. To pray for each one every night that I handed a card to. He passed that year as he said in 2011.
I myself have been actively pursuing to learn all I can about God, Jesus, and the Bible since my dream. I have much testimony throughout all of the trials in my life including experiencing miraculous healing twice once with a near death experience. In 2005, I began some biblical studies to gain more knowledge. I also began handing out copies of The Gospel Of John hoping to bring others to Christ. I joined in praying for those who were reaching out and spent time helping them however I was lead by the spirit. I feel God has called me to continue to do this and I have always prayed he would use me to help others in any way that I could for him. I cannot say exactly what my dream is specifically. I am allowing the spirit to lead me and I know that God can and will direct my paths. My dream is about knowing that without God I am nothing but with him God can use me to accomplish much for the body of Christ. Jesus told me about hope and I intend to bring it to others who need the hope Jesus gave us.
I am disabled due to Narcolepsy but it will not stop me from further studies. I am most grateful to Christian Leaders Institute for giving me the chance to have a scholarship and deepen my knowledge. I know that I will use it wisely as God leads me to do. I want nothing more than to help bring others to the body of Christ and help them in their walk with God. With CLI I will have the skills and help earthly to do what God leads me to. I am blessed to study here!

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