Saint Training

Saint Training

My name is Michael Warui and I am in saint training. I come from Nakuru, Kenya. Kenya is a Christian nation but has challenges that have to do with poverty, corruption, and tribalism. This, therefore, has many times caused the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to be diluted and has become a money making endeavor. The unreached have therefore kept away from the church viewing it as a means of gain from their money.

I came to know and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior in 1991 at a high school Christian union meeting. Previously, I was a staunch Catholic but by the Grace of God, He had mercy on me and saved me just in time. Ever since I was born again, the Lord put in me a hunger to seek Him in prayer and in the Word as I am in saint training. My desire had always been to serve God in the teaching ministry, but I had never enrolled in any Bible school. I still hold on to what Christ has called me to and that is to become a minister of the true Gospel where I believe I am called to serve Him. There is a great need in our generation for the truth of the word that sets free from traditions, tribalism and other forms of culture that adulterate the Christian faith.

Since I embarked on this course at CLI, I have seen my faith be lifted at the possibilities of being equipped to serve God as a saint training and trained believer. The materials have begun shaping my view of the great need to spread the love of God to every creature. The truths of the Bible are coming alive and only God through His Holy Spirit can do that through the materials that have been freely given. I know God has given pastoral grace on my life and I would love to be stirred up in that area of ministry through this great opportunity of training.

I am actively involved in the ministry through the church where I fellowship. The church has a membership of close to 4,000 and I serve as one of the regional section leaders. This means that I am constantly interacting with the brethren, saint training with them, hearing out their needs, praying with them and also counseling them. With proper saint training such as I am receiving from CLI, God can use and make my ministry more effective to His glory. This and the calling of God on my life are the reason why I have purposed to pursue this course.

Connecting to the Bible has given me the understanding I have needed to grow closer to God. My personal life has been given a new direction through the wisdom of the word of God. The scripture is how the entrance of God’s word has brought light to me and shown me what God created and called me to do. Every time I share or minister, I feel the Holy Spirit using the saint training lessons he has taught me to impart knowledge and freedom to others.

My local church has truly supported my dream by offering us Bible study materials and also helping us be involved in active missionary work. The church has separate tent ministry intended to reach out to the body of Christ with the truth of God’s word. This has therefore brought exposure and experience to whatever we are taught. The church has also given me and my wife the opportunity of being part of the leadership.

My wife and I have a daughter. My wife also has the call of God upon her life and we double up as Gospel music ministers. She has the burden to evangelize to the nations and this call has kept us depending on God for guidance and direction. In this, God has been faithful. Being connected to CLI is itself a work of God’s Grace. I treasure the opportunity.

A scholarship will assist me to do the Lord’s work with the excellence it deserves. To be trained by teachers and servants of God who have been proven in ministry is beyond what I expected. I believe that we are on the verge of a great revival and part of being ready to ride the wave is to be found ready. This scholarship will open up every dream yet to be released for the calling God has put in me.

Your prayers will go a long way in preparing what God has in store for His church. It is only amazing Grace and answers to prayer that a saint training ministry such as yours could reach out to ministers across the world and impact them. This is truly a work of God. My prayers are with you and though you may never realize the work you have done, God will reward you for it.
The Grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.

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