Robert Gwileni –

“I am Robert Gwileni. I live in Malawi. Malawi is divided into three regions. These regions are north, central, and south. I live in the Capital of Malawi. This is in the central region. Ministry in Malawi is a serious issue. Tradition has long been a barrier to people in Malawi. Cultural practices are the reason many people have not heard of Jesus Christ. This is particularly true in the rural areas. Poverty is another factor that hinders the spread of the gospel.

“I gave my life to Jesus Christ while I was suspended from work. During this time, I devoted more time to learning the Word of God at Church. I began experiencing God . He talked to me and fought my battles. He even caused my work suspension to be lifted. I returned to work. I continued to feed on the Word of God by attending a lunch fellowship.”Robert Gwileni

Robert Gwileni Gets a Scholarship

“My ministry dream is to lead many people to Christ.

“A scholarship at CLI is important to me. I could not enroll in any other ministry training now. I wouldn’t get enough financial support.

“Please pray for me in my ministry. Pray that I lead many people to Christ.”

Every day Christian Leaders Institute helps people like Robert Gwileni. We provide quality training in the word of God and the faith. We do this without the fees of a seminary! This means people without a lot of money can still get quality ministry training. People like Robert Gwileni are what drives us.

Robert Gwileni has a dream. He sees a country full of people who need to know God! Robert Gwileni sees more than just a country. He sees a field ripe for the harvest! You can help Robert Gwileni impact Malawi for Christ with your donation.