Amos Odhiambo Oyare –

“Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I am from Kenya. We have freedom of religion in our country, and I have utilized this time to follow God’s calling in my life. He has called me to serve Him through spreading the gospel of good news to every nation and people who do not know that Jesus came and died for our sins. They repent and are baptized so that they can live as true believers who follow the example of Christ, living a Holy life.

“I came to know about the Lord when I was young. God started using me in primary school. The Almighty God gave me strength and courage to preach the good News to the Teachers, my fellow learners in both secondary (high school), and the church. This  enabled me to become the christian union chairman at the high school. During my study at the High school, God opened a way for me to start a Sunday school at the high school for teachers and students. I was able to do this for primary and high school. When I finished High School, the church elders sent me out to start a church. God blessed the church plant with success. I was a pastor there for two years when the Booker primary school asked me to go back and start a Sunday school. This Sunday school is acting as the place of spiritual growth and nourishment. It also offers behavior change programs and counseling which I have done since 2002.Amos Odhiambo Oyare

“I would really appreciate it if you would assist me in growing in the word of God. I want to gain training, skills, experience, and materials if possible. I teach 400 children, many of whom do not know of God. They often have low moral values, and many are orphans. In all areas God used me according to His will. Most of them end up being saved, which results in better academic performance. To God be the glory!”

Amos Odhiambo Oyare Receives a Scholarship

“If I receive this scholarship, I believe that the Gospel will be spread to young generations. I believe God will use this training to enhance my ministry to these new generations.

“My prayer is for you to help me get a scholarship. The Bible states in 2 Timothy 2:15: “Study to show yourself approved to God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

“I also ask that you pray for the schools ministries in Kenya. God bless you.”

 Amos Odhiambo Oyare is one of thousands of students that Christian Leaders Institute is helping realize their calling. He sees a need in his country, and God has called Him to meet that need. Amos Odhiambo Oyare is already deep in his ministry calling. Still he is willing to take the time and effort to train further in the knowledge of God and understanding of His Word.
You can help Amos Odhiambo Oyare bring these troubled children to Christ. CLI keeps overhead low, so even a small donation can go a long way toward helping people like Amos Odhiambo Oyare realize their God-given calling.