Harrison Kisolo –

“My name is pastor Harrison Kisolo. I live in Nairobi, the capitol city of Kenya. I am the pastor of a small church. Ministry work in Nairobi slums is not easy because many people need support themselves. This means that they cannot afford to support their pastors. Because of this, pastors look for work where they are better able to support their families. That is the biggest challenge we are facing.

“I gave my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in 1997.

“Our ministry dream is to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ to all parts of the world, starting with Nairobi.”Harrison Kisolo

Harrison Kisolo Receives a Scholarship

“The scholarship at CLI is of great importance to me because knowledge is power. The classes at CLI are very detailed and help servants of God to be more effective in their work.

“We are based in the slums in our country, so many of the people we preach to are poor and needy. Many are lacking necessities of life, including education for their children. For that reason I have started a school under the church to help them as we preach to them. Most of the staff volunteer their time even though they are also in need. It is my humble and sincere request that you pray that God will provide donors for this ministry. I know that your prayers will make a great difference. God bless you for this great work you are doing. Amen.”

Christian Leaders Institute has students from all walks of life. Some, like Harrison Kisolo, have already been in a ministry position for some time. Harrison Kisolo is already in the slums of Kenya, fighting the battle for the dying souls there in the name of the Lord. You can help Harrison Kisolo be victorious in his battle with your donation. The Lord can use even small amounts to equip His warriors on the front line!