Revival Ministry Training

Revival Ministry Training

My name is Kyle Johnson and this is my story about my journey into revival and revival ministry training. It begins with the story of my birth and journey to following Jesus Christ. I was never a planned child, and like many others in the world today, I have had a pretty rough childhood. Although our almighty God did plan for me to come into this world and, as I later came to know, God also has a plan for my life.

My mom and dad met while they were both in high school. They were very young when I was born. Mom was seventeen and Dad was eighteen. I was nine when I was told and when I met my dad for the first time because my mom was involved in a bad situation. It had gotten to where the state of Connecticut had no choice but to find my dad and put me with him. Boy, was I scared! I was a nine-year-old little kid being told he would not be able to see his mother for a long time and must get on a plane and fly 1300 miles to see my dad for the first time. The flight turned out to be the worst part only because I have a fear of heights, but even as a young kid I knew God was with me always.

As I was raised by many different people, like my grandmother and my aunt and uncles, I had been to many different churches and had met many different people. I was able to slowly learn through my many experiences and bad behavior. I finally was able to find God again and follow Jesus Christ in the spring of 2016. Now I have a family. I have three wonderful daughters. My wife and I have been married for 7 years and she has been by my side, even when I didn’t deserve it.

About 6 months ago, I had a problem that I had been praying about and planned on asking one of the elders of my church. I wanted to minister to others and tell my testimony about my life and journey to Jesus Christ. Well, one of the elders I talked to led me to a gentleman named Demming Sennett who turns out was a truck driver once before as well. We got to talking and he told me about a school where he is currently taking his master’s degree. He was talking about Christian Leaders Institute. Then he later asked if I had any interest in youth ministry or thought I would be a good bridge between the age groups. He felt that I seemed to have what he was looking for. This was weird to me at first because the thought had begun to cross my mind, but then I realized that God was in the middle of working on his plan for my life. So, after I gave it some thought I decided to pursue youth ministry and asked Demming to be my mentor while I am pursuing this path and through my journey with CLI. So now I am on my exciting journey of revival ministry training to becoming a youth minister. One day, I might take over the position of youth minister in my church or go wherever God plans for my path to take me.

That is my revival story and journey to revival ministry training. It doesn’t stop there either! God is always there for us no matter what life throws at us and he always uses our experiences to shape us into better people worthy of him. Thank you, CLI! God Bless!

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