Christian Disciple Training

Christian Disciple Training

My name is Heletwork Bekele and I am receiving Christian disciple training at CLI. I was born and raised in Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. I am the fourth born and I have two brothers and two sisters. I got married to my husband Adamu Mengesha on, 2015. Currently, my husband Adamu and I are living in Michigan in the USA.

I understand a ministry work as preaching the kingdom of God by delivering souls from the evil one. I have never found it easy to do ministry in the country I live or in the places I used to live. Ministry for me is the work of the Holy Spirit in me through the word of our God. For that, I need to take the time to equip myself with the right understanding of the word of God to be the minister of the Lord. God wins my heart through his word and what the Holy Spirit has done in my mother’s life.

My mother was an Orthodox but she used to suffer a lot from the influence of an evil spirit. One night, Jesus Christ came to her life in a miraculous way and delivered her from that evil spirit and her suffering ended there. After that miraculous night, my mother received Jesus as her Savior in the evangelical church and converted to be a believer. God used my mother to open my heart to him at a young age. God helped me to understand him and to understand what he has done for my mother and for me, then I converted to be a believer in Jesus Christ.

My ministry dream is for the power of the word of God and the Holy Spirit to reveal his will to me. I want to be an instrument for God to win people’s heart to him and to help them to be true disciples of Christ. This first class at Christian Leaders Institute has helped me by shaping my attitude toward God’s plan in my life. It helped me understand how God can use me as a bi-vocational leader and opened my eyes to see my spiritual dream of Christian Disciple training. It also helped me to strengthen my walk with God by helping me understand what a relationship with God is and how I can be a revived leader. I identify myself as evangelist mostly for I have a big burden in my heart to preach the kingdom of God and to help believers to be a true disciple of Christ.

I received Christ as my Savior when I was in middle school and a year after that God helped me to be one of the organizers to start a student fellowship in that school. God gave me a lot of opportunities to serve him as a student fellowship leader when I was in high school. After I went to university, God gave me a blessed student fellowship and I used to serve him as a fellowship leader and in the ministries, we had in the college. The need to pursue a ministry is something that has been growing in my heart from a young age. Connecting to the Bible helps me to understand God in many different ways and gives me the insight of what he has done for me through Christ. It also helps to strengthen my faith in God and helps me to serve him in the understanding that he is the almighty who is able to do the unthinkable in me and in my ministry path.

My husband and I attend an evangelical Ethiopian church in Michigan. God gave us both the opportunity to serve him in our congregation. My husband serves as a member of the elders and also as a sound system coordinator. I also serve as a Bible study leader and in prayer ministry. Our pastor and the whole congregation encourage both my husband and me to serve the Lord and they always support us with their prayers.

This scholarship at CLI is important to my ministry dream because I want to keep serving the Lord and his people with a better understanding of God and his word. Since the calling of the Lord has a big voice in my heart, I know I need to prepare myself with the proper Christian disciple training to be well equipped with the right knowledge of the word of God. But I am not in a position to afford education and the scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute will help me in my ministry dream. I have a big vision of helping Christ followers and myself to be the disciple Christ wants us to be and to reach many souls through Christ. The scholarship will help me to have the proper training, which will help me to reach the vision God planted in my heart.

I want to thank CLI and all their associates for your blessed heart and please keep me in your prayers for God to use me as a revival leader in this generation for his glory.

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