Revival Leaders In India

Revival Leaders In India

I am Sayantan Mukherjee. I currently stay in West Bengal province of India, and I am born in a Hindu family. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in the discipline of Computer Engineering and serving the Lord in my city named Durgapur.

I came to faith by knowing the Lord about six months ago, wherein, I was visiting a shopping mall, and a woman from America invited me to attend a personal development training through which I came to know about Jesus, as the training was mostly Purpose of Life. So, from then on I was traveling with my ministry group in various places where we evangelize people by sharing the Word of God, and through that, the habit of reading Bible developed in me.

My ministry dream is to serve the youth of my country, specially the women, to come out of their worldly addictions and support those women who face atrocities as this is common in India, by spreading the word of God, so that these people who are in darkness can see the Great Light, as said in Isaiah 9:2.

I am thankful to Christian Leader’s Institute and the beginner’s course they have provided, as this has helped me to have a distinctive understanding of my calling for ministry, and also gave me a good teaching on devotion life, which was required for me.

I dream of becoming a Pastor and serve my ministry, and share the word of God, specially among youth. I wish to become a service leader in my community, which is in the grasp of Satan. I wish to bring them in light, as Jesus is the light(John 8:12).

I have always looked for a platform to serve people, help those who are in need, and specially help women who face atrocities in this harsh male chauvinistic society of India. Through Word of God and the ministry life, I got that platform, where I can serve people and help those women who face hardships in life.

In my place, people are worshiping the Satan in the form of idols, and they have that dark cover around their eyes, so they cannot see the real God. They think Christians to be religious transformers, and they don’t entertain the Christians, they preach against Christianity, and my motive is to change their thought process in this regard, and these are the challenges I find in my society.

Bible, I believe will be the instrument to bring change in my society, as it brought change in me. Bible has given me a purpose driven life and provided me a way to attain salvation, and to preach the good news of salvation brought by the Messianic King, Jesus Christ, by seeking His kingdom. “For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son”( Col 1:13).

My local Church has been supportive, as they are the ones who developed the habit of reading scriptures in me. Through various training and preaching experience, I have gone in depth with the word of God and developed a base to my ministry life.

My scholarship will help me build my knowledge for the gospel and also be more confident when sharing the word. It will also enable me to be recognized as a trained Christian leader through my certificates and diplomas eventually in ministry, which is necessary to preach the gospel in a country like India.

Please pray that I grow more in the Word of God, and set an example as Christian leader, so I can say like Paul did, “Follow me, as I follow Christ” (1 Cor 1:11).

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