Rescue Chaplain Ministry

Rescue Chaplain Ministry

My name is Andrew Pillot. I am called to a rescue chaplain ministry. I was born in Boston, MA to Puerto Rican parents. As I was growing up I had a very hard life. I ran away from home and made poor choices. Things went south very quickly for me as I saw my life falling apart before me. The hate, the pain, the lack of love and understanding made me a monster. I did not want to live so I got deeper into the street life. I was living in Puerto Rico when all of this took place.

I got tired of the life I was living so I decided that going to rehab was my best choice. But finally, it hit me that I had done 11 rehabs and things were only getting worse. I remember at one point I was writing a song not understanding what was happening. I was not a writer and I started about a city that needed to be reconstructed. In the song, I found myself telling God to reconstruct my city. Not understanding what was happening inside of me, I called a friend of mine who is a worship leader in the process of recording a CD and she ended up recording the song. God was working in my life and I did not even know it. Years of drug abuse, pain, and hate were taking my life through a very dark hole. Then someone decided to tell me how important I was to God, whoa!!! News for me!

From that point on, my life took a turn for the better. To make this long story short, I am today a pastor of mission and have been a missionary for many years. I’m also part of C.A.P.A, a rescue chaplain ministry within the police force in Fort Worth, Texas. I do what we call ride-ins with the police. And when they have a problem and need to talk, I am there as a chaplain. Also, I talk to the people they arrest and I give them alternatives. Before they are arrested, I pray for them and give them follow-up. I am also a chaplain in the prison of Dallas and have a Mentoring Certification with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. I am part of a rescue team that is very active.

Today, I also travel around preaching the gospel. I have been in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Nicaragua, the United States, and Puerto Rico. In 2018, I will be in India. God has changed my life. There is nothing better than to serve the Lord. I’m giving what by grace I have received and I won’t stop now.

Thank you for this great opportunity to take these classes at Christian Leaders Institute. I am just hungry for God and keep seeking more. These free ministry training classes will help to fill that need.

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