Purpose Filled Women

Purpose Filled Women

I am a 32-year-old entrepreneur from London, Ontario and I am called to lead purpose filled women. I was raised in a Roman Catholic family, with strong morals and values instilled in me from a young age. However, I never felt I had a real relationship with the Lord. After going down my own path, I found myself empty, bankrupt and divorced when I was 27. I surrendered my life to the Lord in November of 2014. Since then he has delivered me in so many ways. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Curtis for two years and we look forward to a lifetime and eternity together. He is my best friend and my biggest source of encouragement. I have been completely transformed physically, mentally and emotionally by God’s work in my life over the last five years.

My ministry dream is to help women know God, love themselves, and find a holistic way of living that includes God, healthy eating, and fitness. I have a marketing and graphic design background and have my own small business. I also have my personal training certification. I am excited to begin my Women’s Ministry Certification with Christian Leaders Institute. I believe my calling is to help women who have past pains from relationships with men to bring healing through a real relationship with God. From this foundation, my dream is that these purpose filled women will also improve their health, nutrition, fitness and overall wellness.

This class has completely affirmed that I have heard God’s call to ministry. As I was reading through the material, I was able to relate to it and hope to help other’s apply it to their lives as I have applied it to my own.

I identify most with Pastor, as I have many experiences where people have come to me for advice, confided in me and sought support due to me sharing my painful past experiences. I feel this is part of God’s calling on my life. A key experience that prompted me to pursue ministry is the work that God has done to transform my exterior appearance (60 lb weight loss) after he transformed my interior (heart). This has encouraged me to examine my current career and if it is in line with the purpose God has for me.

Some unique challenges in my geographic area include people struggling with their relationships; whether it be with themselves, their spouse, their family, etc. God is missing in most family households and even Christians may not be walking with God. I feel with my skill set with technology that I will be able to reach most of the world with God’s message… thanks to the internet!

Reading my Bible daily is something that I have just recently implemented. I can open up my Bible and really feel God speaking to me through the story/verse/circumstance. I used to struggle with application and understanding, but as I grow in my relationship with God, I can really hear his voice when I prioritize the time to engage with him in prayer and reading.

I met with my pastor at Gateway Church here in London at the beginning of November 2017. I’d just finished up a course he taught on Spiritual Gifts. He encouraged me to take a Christian Life Coaching course through Lombardi as well as brought up Bible College as a suitable path for me once I explained my ministry dream to him.

My husband and in-laws have been extremely encouraging to me in following my ministry calling. They have watched me deepen my relationship with God, and have seen him transform me inside and out over the last four years.

I believe a scholarship at CLI will help me to deepen my faith, and to be a confidant to struggling women. My passion is to help women by introducing them to God and a relationship with him and also helping them discover their purpose. Then as purpose filled women for the Lord, helping them implement self-care exercise through nutrition and fitness. I strongly believe being certified through CLI will give me the confidence to accomplish all of my goals.

Please pray for all of the broken women out there, walking in victim mentality, to be drawn to my experiences and find validation and understanding in knowing God. I ask God to help me to bring out the best in them, coach them to point them in the right direction, discover their purpose and walk with Him through life and not in their own strength. All in His name and to His glory.

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