profound grace

Pain is something that we all experience. some learn and grow through it. Some let it define them. Others, like Melissa Vanmeter, experience God’s profound grace in the times when pain is most profound.

Melissa’s experience with God’s profound grace came when her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. For those who have never experienced it, it’s hard to imagine the pain of knowing you’ll never be able to hold your child… to see his first smile… to hear his happy cooing. But Melissa realized that she didn’t have to give up hope. Here are her own words about her first experience with profound grace:

I gave my heart to God in 2007, after my first miscarriage. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to endure in my life, and I knew I needed the Lord to help me get through it. I also knew that if I ever wanted to see/hold my baby, I had to get to heaven. The end of 2014, however, is when I TRULY started living for the Lord and putting my entire life into his hands. I had found an AMAZING church, re-committed my life to God, was baptized, and grew closer to God than ever before.

Melissa’s current full-time ministry is her family. Because she stays at home to care for her house and her living child and works at home, Melissa needed to find training with a flexible schedule.

Hello! My name is Melissa (“Missy”) VanMeter and I am 28 years old. I am a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom (I am an Affiliate Marketer as well as a DoTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate.) I have an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice, as well as a Veterinary Assisting diploma. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Dale, for 11 years. We have a precious 5-year-old son, Aidan, and 2 angel-babies in heaven.

We live in the country, in West Virginia (USA) and travel across the USA during the winter months. Although hate-crimes against Christians are unfortunately becoming more common, I’m blessed to live in a country where Christianity is still the main religion.

But God was calling Melissa further into ministry. He set it on her heart to make a difference for Him in a community that is ravaged by drugs. Her calling is to preach Christ to the younger people who are so frequently drawn into drugs. If they can experience the same profound grace she did, the fatal overdose rate could drop significantly.

West Virginia has a huge drug problem (and a very high overdose death rate.) I would love to start my own non-denominational church focused on the younger crowd, to combat this drug epidemic. These folks need to learn about Christ, accept him, and allow him to heal them of their addictions. I suffer from Social Anxiety & have terrible stage fright & difficulty with public speaking. In order to successfully make this dream a reality, I know that God must help me overcome those issues. Knowing how awesome my God is, however, I have total confidence that he can and will do just that. I also know that with God’s help, we can change lives! This program will also, of course, benefit my own spiritual life.

Being a stay at home mom means that if/when I attend school, it must be done online/at home with a very flexible schedule. So Christian Leaders Institute is a great fit. And without the scholarship program, I wouldn’t be able to afford the training necessary to accurately and confidently teach the gospel in a way that people can understand & relate to. I have read the Bible in its entirety. However, I feel the need to delve deeper & better understand the word before preaching the gospel to others. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity! Thank you so very much!!!

Who in your community could benefit from experiencing the profound grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ? If you feel that God is leading you to bring revival to your community, or even if you’re just looking for a deeper relationship with Him, Christian Leaders Institute can help prepare you for whatever lies ahead. You can find out for yourself by clicking here to enroll in your first class!

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