God doesn’t promise us that after we come to him life will be flowers and roses. Sometimes we experience trouble… pain…. even brokenness. But it is in the brokenness that we can truly experience the healing power of grace.

Paula Furfaro was in a time of brokenness. For a long time she believed she couldn’t be forgiven. She struggled through pain, guilt, and doubt. But God was watching over her through the turmoil. He brought her to a new church where she was able to experience the healing power of grace.

I am a Japanese woman born in Brazil, with a Russian great-grandmother. After 15 years living and travelling all over the world, I am back in Brazil, the place where revival is happening daily in the local churches, in detention centers, and even on the streets. The fact that I am a Brazilian with an Asian face and an Asian with a Brazilian culture made me a citizen of the world.

When I was a teenager I used to hate Christians, how can they preach freedom if they are tied in old beliefs and traditions, I used to think. I attended all kinds of religions in a search for the truth, from pagan rituals to atheist workshops, until my mother was diagnosed with tumors in her uterus. My boyfriend then was attending an evangelical church that was very famous for healings and I decided to go by curiosity first, and later I invited my mother who got healed in the first visit. She has even the doctor´s files proving her miraculous healing. I never left Jesus after that.

My ministry dream is to show people that are like I used to be the real freedom that the Holy Spirit can bring, my heart goes to the single, divorced and widowed mothers and fathers who are often forgotten inside most of the churches. The ones that don´t fit well in the single´s ministry, but don´t fit well in the family´s ministry either. The feeling of “not fitting” can be overwhelming, making these souls leave church and Christ. I want to preach for these invisible part of the society, I want to pastor this flock to the living water.

I lived the desert of the divorce myself, the pain, the unforgiveness from both sides. I dealt with the constant attacks from the enemy whispering: sinner… sinner… and the other members inside the church telling how “Christ hates the divorce”, and talking about me on my back. Others would pursue my small children to ask them “inside information”. Women at the family´s ministry would not let me sit next to their husbands. I thought Christ wasn´t listening to me anymore, even thou I tried every book, I tried marriage counseling, I tried everything I could to save my marriage, but maybe I didn´t try well enough, so Jesus he probably hates me now, I used to think. I suffered for one full year until I found a church that sheltered my children and I, I broke in tears everytime someone asked where my husband was, several times, and got hugged and prayed for every single time. And with the help from the elders and the pastors I got healed. Now I want to help others to get healed too.

I attend now a revivalist church, and I got anointed a Pastor and I´ve been praying and pursuing training to be able to reach as many people as possible. And my children not only support me, my eldest want to become a Pastor as well, he is only 10.

As a mother raising children by herself, the scholarship of Christian Leaders Institute is essential for me to be able to learn and grow as a Christian, leading my own household and others to the Lord.

I humbly ask my brothers and sisters to pray for strength and wisdom for all the pastors in my country and for my family. And please, be loving people, remember to hate the sin and not the sinners and may God bless us all.

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