1. Please share with us the country you are currently living in and what it is like to do ministry in this country.
Hi, I’m Janey, I live in England, in the UK. Doing ministry here is changing a lot. People are less and less likely to identify themselves as ‘Christian’. In the city where I live especially Atheism (or ‘no religion’) and Islam are growing most as Christianity declines.

2. Please share with us how you came to know the Lord.
I grew up believing in God as a child, but it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I heard about the Holy Spirit, and it freaked me out – I thought it was all a bit weird! Later in my early late teens and early adulthood, I went through a lot of trauma and eventually had a breakdown. When I was praying one day, I felt for the first time a really powerful presence of God, like the Father was holding me close and I really felt his love and compassion. Shortly after this I got baptised and made a commitment to follow Jesus. I got married quite young to a guy who confessed to be Christian, but he fell away from his faith and very sadly our marriage ended by his adultery. This was a hugely testing time for me and I went through a very rebellious stage against God – I was just so devastated and ashamed about my failed marriage. So for years I walked in my angry wilderness! After a few years of this, a combination of pretty serious life events brought things back into focus very sharply and a released how far I had drifted from God. As I cried out to God, he did a mighty rescue mission in my life – he gave me the strength to literally leave all of my old life behind and take a massive step of faith to move to a brand new city and give me a clean slate to walk with him – like the prodigal son, he ran to me and loved me back.

3. Please share with us your ministry dream.
Because I have been ‘the prodigal’ I especially have a heart for people who had previously had a walk with God, but ‘life’ has made them cynical and they have drifted away.

4. Which word do you identify with most and why? Pastor, Evangelist, Small Group Leader, Youth Leader, Church Planter
Probably church planter

5. What key experience in your life prompted you to pursue ministry?
Realising that after what I went through a few years ago (literally facing a painful physical death) and being so dramatically and powerfully rescued by God, that now, it’s all or nothing. I believe God can (and is) going to use all of those experiences for his glory. He can sew a silk purse from a pig’s ear 🙂

6. What are some unique challenges in your geographic area?
Its very secular, and quite middle class. So basically people think they have got everything sussed. It’s also a really hedonistic, and ‘instant gratification’ culture.

7. How has your local church supported you in your ministry calling?
Providing small group accountability and prayer. Helping me identify the steps toward developing a ministry.

8. Is there anything you want to share about your family’s role in your ministry calling?
None of my family are Christians, and this grieves my soul. One day I hope to be able to share the joy of knowing Jesus with them. Until then it’s pray, pray, PRAY! 🙂

9. Why is a scholarship at CLI so important to your ministry dream?
I want to make sure that I am properly prepared, and have a sound doctrinal basis for teaching others. CLI has been a God-send in that I can study at my own pace at home around all the other things I juggle!

10. How can we pray for you in your ministry?
It is early days, so I would love prayer to help me identify the specific ministries God would call me into. I think this could be in the music scene (rock and metal) as that’s my background. Pray too that I can continue to develop good devotional habits.

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