My name is La’Nay and I live in the Orlando, FL (United States). I have lived here for 8 yrs now. I am a wife of 17 yrs and a mother of 2 beautiful teenagers. My parents are both planters and officer’s in their church. As I live day to day I also work as a Accountant and attended additional studies at SNHU for Healthcare Management.

As far as my ministry, my main purpose is to serve the community whether it is near or far. The ministry that I have been led to is of one in bringing forth followers of Christ.

I was born into a faith-base religion and attended church and was saved at 13 yrs old. I enjoy fellowship with others. The word that I can honestly say that I can identify with is “Leader”, reason being I have known from a young age that I had a love for helping others and leading them. I have followed many to learn the importance to leadership in an effective way. As many may say, I had a “light bulb” appear in my choice to pursue ministry, but I was chased after for a long time; never fully understanding what the Lord wanted me to do. I eventually gave in because I couldn’t run anymore. My journey from a rebellious teen to a wife and more has blossomed into a glorious journey; knowing that the Lord chose me. Some of the unique challenges that I face in my area is distance, but it’s not a huge factor that can’t be overcome.

My local church has significantly supported me in my journey in ministry as well as my family. It is a joy to pass a quiz and have my immediate family say “Well Done”!

I told my little brother I am finally pursuing my ministry teachings and he says, “It’s about time.”

Just to know that everyone has seen it and it took a little battle for me to realize what God has called and what he has already predestined upon my life since birth. In attending CLI, receiving a scholarship is so rewarding, to know that there are individual’s who care such as the staff at CLI, is an inspiration and leads me to honor each and every moment; knowing that God has secured a faithful few to extend knowledge and leadership to many.

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