Prepared To Make Disciples

Prepared To Make Disciples

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) helps you be prepared to make disciples of all nations. CLI offers free classes including over 120 hours of instruction. Christian Leaders from all over the world have enrolled.

Here is Evelyn’s story.

My name is Evelyn. I was born and raised in southwest Arizona, USA. Having grown up on the border between Mexico and southern California along the lower Colorado River, I’ve seen poverty (both physical and spiritual) that perhaps, not many Americans are familiar with. Weekend trips to Mexico (I have family there) I was aware of the poverty in my familial homeland. There are many types of ministries already hard at work, but the greatest need here is for sound doctrine and Christian unity. I have unfortunately seen first hand, how false teachings have crept into churches and lead truth seeking Christians astray from sound Biblical teachings. I’m not sure how much Christian disunity affects other parts of the US, but where I live, there’s much disunity within the Church, sometimes even inside the same congregations. This is extremely heart-breaking that we as bearers of the Good News should fight over control of buildings and people when Christ has called us to go and make disciples, spread His love and the message of salvation. This is the place I grew up in and the church I have known my whole life.

I was born into a Christian home, in a first generation American born, Mexican family. My mom took the time to carefully teach my brothers and I the Bible. I grew up going to church twice, sometimes three times a week. But I did not become saved until I was 15. During my mid-teens, my family struggled to find a church that preached sound doctrine and who was more concerned about spiritual needs than carnal events. For almost three years we did not attend church at all. I did not truly understand the walk of a true follower of Christ until I was 18, that’s when I started to get serious about my relationship with the Lord and to devote time to Bible study. Ever since my hunger for the Word has grown and grown. I love studying the Scriptures, Jewish and Church history, and theology. Two years ago, I felt my calling into ministry and started a young women’s small group. I now teach my youth’s Sunday School class and am currently working to start missions events with the youth to Mexico. I also enjoy writing on my Christian blog to bring sound Biblical articles and spiritual encouragement to those who share my hunger for daily bread. By profession, I am a medical assistant. Though I love what I do; I feel called by my Father into ministry.

My ministry dream is to continue boldly proclaiming God’s Word without watering down the Gospel, to promote Christian unity with love and grace. I enjoyed working closely with teens and had this dream of becoming a youth pastor in the future after furthering my ministry training and education. However, over the past year, my love for the Jewish people has grown stronger and stronger. I want nothing more than to serve the Chosen People of Yahweh by bringing to them the message of Salvation. I know that ministering to the Jewish people is not always easy but the love my Father has planted in my heart for them is too strong that I can simply not do anything about it.

My local church has been supportive by blessing me with the opportunity to work closely with the youth. I’m a young person myself, 24 years old, unmarried, so the fact that they have given me these opportunities is amazing and I, am very grateful. My family, especially my mom, has always been supportive of all my endeavors. The mere fact that my family is very graceful and patient with my dreams and pursuits is extremely helpful. I appreciate all the prayers and love. I am thankful to Abba Father that He has blessed me with supportive family and friends.

With a scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute, I will get the training and the Bible education I need to fulfill God’s purpose for my life to take His Word to the world. I had planned to enroll in a Bible Institute or college before finding CLI, but without the finances, my ministry dreams seemed farther in the future but with the opportunity of free Biblical courses I can start sooner than expected! I thank God for CLI who blesses the lives of many people and further God’s kingdom. Thank you CLI and may God continue to bless you in blessing the lives of many worldwide!

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