Preacher Calling

Preacher Calling

My name is Nathan Erich and I am studying at Christian Leaders Institute to answer the preacher calling from God. I was born to Christian parents with eight sisters and one brother. I am a middle child, fourth in line. I grew up on a farm, Every morning I was responsible to get up and help milk the cows and feed the chickens. I also enjoyed hunting, fishing, and hiking. From my earliest memories, our family went to church and I was taught biblical principles.

As a 12-year-old boy, I had a desire to make a difference in the world by sharing the Gospel, but one particular event still stands out to me today. It was February 18, 2001, and my family was attending a revival meeting and the time I first considered the preacher calling from God. After the service, I got an opportunity to talk with the speaker, and he told me, “Young man, God has a calling on your life and desires to use you to lead thousands of souls to Christ.” Later on that year, on September 29th, I witnessed an older friend of mine have a heart attack and pass away. It woke me up to the reality that death is real and I wanted to know for sure that when I died I would go to heaven. I talked to my dad and asked him how to know I would go to heaven when I died. He then proceeded to share John 3:16 and the Romans road with me. It was at that point that I committed my life to follow Jesus.

I was homeschooled and graduated in 2007. The same year I joined the local fire department as a volunteer firefighter and received my Firefighter and EMT license. In 2009, I enrolled in Miracle Mountain Ranch’s Ministry Apprenticeship Program. I spent two years at Miracle Mountain developing a love for studying the Word of God and sharing the Gospel with others. I received certifications in Christian leadership and ministry. After my training there, I enrolled in a two-year community college, receiving my Associates in Applied Science with a major in Agricultural Equipment Technician. Following graduation, I worked at a shop as a mechanic. At the same time, I began volunteering as a youth leader and later the youth pastor at a local church. I served on staff for a year, then after handling a bad accident that my little brother was killed in, I stepped down. In 2015, I spent three months in Colorado at Ellerslie in their discipleship program. I earned a certificate of honor from the Ellerslie Leadership Training program. In 2016, I became a youth pastor and earned my local credentials through the church in which I served.

In 2014, after my little brother’s accident, I took a job at a Christian camp as an Outdoor Education Teacher and Health Officer. I worked there for three years, and while working there I met the woman of my dreams. Later on, I asked her to be my wife. We are now married and have a beautiful daughter. I left the camp ministry in 2017 and took a job in sales. My family moved to northern Ohio in 2017. We started attending a local church called Foundation Church. I serve as a volunteer youth leader and am currently being mentored by Pastor Bob. I have been praying about going back to school and getting my bachelor’s degree in ministry, but I could not afford it. That is when I found the Christian Leaders Institute. I am so thankful for those who have supported CLI and for the leadership of CLI. I look forward to earning my bachelor’s in ministry and seeing where God takes us.

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