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Powerful Knowledge at Christian Leaders Institute

Hi, everyone. My name is Pieter Engelbrecht, and I am receiving powerful knowledge at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from the small town of Odendaalsrus in the Freestate in South Africa. I served in the ministry for the past fourteen years when I started as a soundman in the church. From there, I moved to the youth ministry and the intercessor ministry, where I have made my home.

Not all people love the word Christian because they believe that it is a word for a hypocrite and not a true Christian. So we often use the phrase follower of Jesus. Like any other organization, we have our challenges because we are a congregation filled with different types of people. My mother and father are both Christians, so I grew up in the church. At the age of twelve, I had my first real encounter with God, and from there on I followed Him

I always knew of the Lord. However, there is a difference in knowing of Him and having a relationship with Him. From the age of twelve, I grew closer to Him. However, during my young adult years, I got off track. Then in my late twenties, I went to a camp for Christians, and there I had a new encounter with God.

My Spiritual Dream and Ministry Education at CLI

My spiritual dream is to get to a point where people can see Jesus through me and not because of me. Serving the world is easy because that is what everyone does. But to serve God is the hard way, and I have no real friends with the same interest.

The event that took me to the cross was when I got to the point that I realized that I do not need to fight to have a place. God already gave me a place through Jesus Christ. I need to accept that and to follow Him. God felt far away, but during the camp meeting, I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. I knew then that God has compassion for me.

Knowledge is power, and one can never know enough. So, my goal at Christian Leaders Institute is to get as much powerful knowledge through their education as possible. Then I can share with others the best way possible – Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

To learn more about ordination, go to Christian Leaders Alliance.

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