My Christian Journey

My Christian Journey

My name is Shatu Eze, and I want to share my Christian journey. Currently, I live in Dallas, Texas, in the USA. Being a Christian leader where I came from is full of challenges, mostly because the populace is predominately Muslim. Therefore, you face the fallow ground, persecution, rejection, and fear of being caught and probably killed.

My childhood was not a very happy one because of my family background. But in it all, God’s mercy found me, and I accepted Christ in my life while in a boarding facility at the age of 15. Ever since then, the Lord has been faithful to me on my Christian journey. I must confess there are lots of ups and downs, but the Lord keeps me.

Salvation After Humiliation

One event, however, that humbled me and eventually led to my conversion was theft. I was in a boarding facility far away from my parents, and I stole a classmate’s exercise book. It was hidden in my school bag, and I was caught when a search was organized. I was very frustrated and uncomfortable. I couldn’t leave the environment because it was a boarding house and home was far away. So, I felt great shame.

Thanks to Jesus, who saved me and took my shame away when I invited Him into my life through a sister named Comfort Dibal, who led me to Jesus. Since then, the Lord has been helping me to grow from grace to grace on my Christian Journey.

Free Ministry Training at CLI on My Christian Journey

The Lord is helping me grow through this free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. My spiritual dream is that I will reach out to lost souls. The free training is necessary for me because I wouldn’t be able to afford it if not for the Lord and CLI. These free classes will be a plus to the glory of God and highly appreciated. The training will help in enlightening the eyes of my understanding and show me how to go about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.


To learn more about ordination go to Christian Leaders Alliance.

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