Philippines Online Bible School – Before we talk about Christian Leaders Institute as a Philippines Online Bible School, we should first share a little about the religious climate of the Philippines.

The Philippines is considered to be the only Christian nation in Asia. Christianity spread in the form of Catholicism. This Catholicism was introduced in the Philippines by the Spaniards in 1565 with the arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. The Catholic faith overlaid itself on a pagan religious foundation. Jack Miller wrote,

The pre-Hispanic belief system of Filipinos consisted of a pantheon of gods, spirits, creatures, and men that guarded the streams, fields, trees, mountains, forests, and houses. Bathala, who created earth and man, was superior to these other gods and spirits. Regular sacrifices and prayers were offered to placate these deities and spirits–some of which were benevolent, some malevolent. Wood and metal images represented ancestral spirits, and no distinction was made between the spirits and their physical symbol. Reward or punishment after death was dependent upon behavior in this life. file://localhost/(http/

When Catholicism was introduced, many of the local “gods” were replaced with saints. Miller goes on to talk about the development of Filipino folk religion, “combining a surface veneer of Christian monotheism and dogma with indigenous animism. It may manifest itself in farmers seeking religious blessings on the rice seed before planting or in the placement of a bamboo cross at the comer of a rice field to prevent damage by insects.”

Even though the Philippines has been heavily influenced by Christianity. There is much mission still needed in the Philippines. A Philippines Online Bible School is offered free to students who want to learn what the Bible actually says. This is so needed because most Christians in the Philippines do not even know that much about what the scriptures actually teach.

Christian Leaders Institute has 469 students enrolled at our Philippines Online Bible School. One of these students is Christine. She is from Manila City, she comes from a very poor family. None of her family members are Christians. Her parents did not raise any of the five children in her family in Christianity.

Disease stuck her at only 20 years of age. She developed a serious liver condition, which required expensive medicine and dimmed her dream to get an education. Desperately, Christine searched for answers. The medication was too expensive. The doctors gave her little hope without the expensive medications.

Christian Leaders Institute student Christine wrote,

I began to seek for God’s guidance. I challenged God to move in my life. Because we are from the “lower families” of our barangay or village, we were just too poor to buy my medicines, so instead I drew near to God. And God met my expectations with Him. I gave myself to Jesus. I asked God to heal me. And God did. The doctor was amazed with the result of my test. The liver disease cleared. And from that time I began to believe in God’s greatness.

Philippines Online Bible School

God had a plan for Christine. She continued to grow in her faith. Soon she was looking for more Bible School training. What could she do? She could not afford medications, how could she afford a Bible School education? Here is where Christian Leaders Institute comes in. CLI is beamed into the Philippines on the Internet. This Philippines Online Bible School is free and Christine can get high quality Bible school training right where she lives.

Christine writes, “And now I am chairwoman of the Youth Ministry.  I love to see the youth crying and craving for God’s presence.  I love Philippines Online Bible Schoolto see them maturing in God’s Kingdom. My dream is to have a quality training and strong faith in Jesus. And my calling is to reach for more souls and to enlarge our borders in Christ.”

Will this Philippines Online Bible School be right for you?

Maybe you are a pastor and you do not have much ministry training? Consider studying at Christian Leaders Institute. Once you finish the Getting Started Class, you can open a mentor center to offer CLI training to your leaders. Maybe you are like Rev. Virgilio, who has been a pastor with little training for over 30 years. He desperately needed more training. This Philippine Online Bible School is perfect for him. He writes that this “CLI scholarship is important to me, because of my age and low financial capabilities. I could not study at any seminary or Bible School. But CLI made it possible for me to get needed training. I enrolled at CLI.”  Rev. Virgilio needed a Philippines Online Bible School to be accessible to him.

Maybe you are like Christine or Rev. Virgilio and you are searching for a Philippine Online Bible School. Just sign up and see if CLI is right for you.


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