We have heard it said that a free Bible School must have poor quality training. Some people have profiled Christian Leaders Free Bible SchoolInstitute (CLI) as second rate because it is a free Bible school. The perception that a free Bible school offers poor quality training was not something Jesus or Paul thought.  Jesus gave his disciples free ministry training. Paul gave Timothy and Titus free pastor training.

Free Bible school is needed!

We at Christian Leaders Institute are compelled to raise up revival leaders and lots of them. We are called to do whatever we can to bring the very best ministry training to every country on earth. Most of the earth is poor. Many on the earth are called to proclaim Christ. A free Bible school is their only option. We believe this free Bible school should be as good as or better than one that is costly.

Let us introduce you to one of our students – Hjum Bdap. She was born in Vietnam and has been living in the United States since she was 7 years old. Her father was a Christian pastor and ministered in a few churches in North Carolina until his death in 2007. Hjum now has God’s calling in her heart to be trained for ministry at Christian Leaders Institute.

Hjum is deeply grateful for the scholarship she is receiving from CLI. She writes, “Right now the only person working in my family is my husband and he encouraged me to take bible school classes. He’s supporting me and the children with just a $10 an hour salary. But God will always provide for us so we are not worried about that.”  When I told her that it was a blessing that she could get a scholarship to CLI to be trained for ministry, she responded, “Amen to that!”

Hjum has already been involved in ministry. When she felt God’s hand on her to teach the Word to others, she writes, “About three years ago I started a Bible study group with my little brother and his friends in high school. They were good kids but their families were not Christian. Ever since that study they now go to the Elevation Church, are walking in Christ with me, and they are hungry for Christ. Two or three of them got baptized at that church after a year of our Bible study. We would always meet every Saturday. I’m so amazed at how awesome God works in my life and theirs. Now I want to see more of that happen for more people.”

That is the sort of students we have coming to join us here at CLI. They need a free Bible school and we want to serve these future revival leaders with excellent ministry training. Right now Hjum is taking church history in her classes. She is enjoying learning about the heroes of the Christian faith like John Wycliffe.  As she puts it, “I love to see how people have helped to shape Christianity.”

I asked her, Are you able to share your discoveries with your family and the youth you are ministering to?   Hjum replied,  “Yeah I have.” I said,  “That is wonderful!”  Hjum answered,  “Indeed it is, and I thank God for CLI!” Her classroom discoveries are becoming the material for her to minister with in her immediate circle of family and friends.

At Christian Leaders Institute, we are eager to help anyone like Hjum get the free Bible school they need to bring revival to their circle of influence.  She began with her little brother and his high school friends. As she tells us, they are hungry for Christ. God is working in the hearts of people all around us. He is eager to have us join him in his great work of turning hearts back to God.

God wants to have a deep relationship with his people. He is calling, “Who will speak for me?”

It could be that you are called to reach your family, your little brother’s circle of friends, and your community. There are people who need to hear from God. “And how will they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14) Ministry training at CLI will enable YOU to be equipped to fulfill the calling of God in your life to be a preacher in your spheres of influence. There are spiritually hungry people all over the face of the earth. Since CLI will give you high quality free Bible school training, what are you waiting for?

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