Nigeria Global Ministry Training - Oluwatosin's Story

Oluwatosin receives free Nigeria global ministry training through Christian Leaders Institute! Here is Oluwatosin’s story..

Nigeria Global Ministry Training – Oluwatosin’s Story

Hello, my name is Oluwatosin Adeola from Nigeria, a father of two children (a boy and a girl) and husband to Katmaan for over six years. I was raised up as the third child in a family of seven (six boys and one girl) in Ekiti state, Nigeria, West Africa.
I live in Jos, north-central Nigeria where I have been involved in ministry to the lost, the sick and young believers since 2010. Being in ministry in this part of the country is quite challenging due to the low education level and a high level of tribalism that has made the people difficult to reach. But with the wisdom of God, we have been publishing newsletters and tracts that have made reaching the interiors possible.
I came to know the Lord at a tender age of 8, really I did not know much about God at this age, but I had this consciousness of God and His ever presence that I was always afraid to sin against Him. I grew up in this way and today my life has not remained the same.
In 2002, as a University student, I became aware that God was calling me into ministry and after days of seeking His face, I receive a mandate to teach people the way to serve God. Later in 2013, I was given another mandate to minister healing to the sick. These two areas have formed my ministry dream that am currently pursuing. I have ministered in a different capacity as a Pastor/Teacher, Youth leader, and church planter. But am being identified as a Pastor since my ordination in 2007 as a Youth Pastor and in 2009 as Assistant Pastor.
Before I receive the call into ministry, I have longed for a revival in the church. I have been heart-broken several times when I see Christians living a worldly life especially when Christians practice hypocrisy. I believe God gave me those passions before calling me. In the area of healing, I happen to be someone who relies on God for healing without drugs. For instance, I have not taken the antimalarial drug in the last 25 years and have been healed from malaria several times by believing the word.
Despite the valid call of God upon my life, I have not gotten enough support needed, but I praise God for the strength to continue. I have longed to have training from an international organization to boost my understanding.
Obtaining a scholarship from CLI will help fulfill my dream of adequate ministry training and enable effectiveness and establishment of a legacy that will transcend generations. My coming across CLI, I will say is a miracle and am willing to do my best to maximize it. God has called me into a global ministry and training at CLI will be a rare advantage to moving in this direction.
I desire prayer in the fulfillment of my ministry. Like Paul, that doors of opportunity will be opened in every place that God would have His word preached. And for helpers of destiny raised for the furtherance of His mission.


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