Bless day, my name is Robert B. Harrington and I currently live in Beaver, West Virginia which is located in the United States. To do ministry in this country is probably easier than in most other countries. With so much freedom in our daily lives here not much is questioned about what is said or done. There are a lot of churches in this country and a lot of different religious backgrounds. This can make finding a church like shopping for a car. Trying to find all those added features that a church can add to your live. But the only feature that we really truly look for in a church is the true belief in God and his word.

I come from a family that was raised Christian and started my journey with God in a Christian church in a small town in Colorado. I would go to church with my Mom and sister’s, of course my Grandparents would also be there. I was baptized at the First Christian Church in Lamar, Colorado but at such a young age never really understood what was going on. It was my senior year in high school that I really came to know and understand the Lord. Attending the Church Of Christ I got my first taste of writing and giving a sermon as part of the youth group. This church really allowed me to learn more about God and share so much.

At the age of eighteen I joined the Navy and the journey began as they would say. The most rewarding visit in my Navy career was the trip to Israel. Paying the eighteen dollars for the tour of the Holy Land was well worth it. Seeing things that you read about in the Bible and walking the same walk Jesus did, well let’s just say it puts life in a whole new prospective.

What really brought me closer to the Lord was my car accident a few years back. Coming home from work I had blacked out and hit a car head on, veered off across a field and hit a tree head on. I was out for a long time and my heart had stopped during this time. To this day I feel as if I died and came back. This put my current life in to a different perspective. It was at that time that I felt like I needed to do much more with my life then work in the retail world.

The title that I identify with the most is Pastor and Youth leader. The title of Pastor gives you a sense of trust and connection with God. Youth leader just radiates a since of wanting to connect with the young children to communicate Gods words to them and bring them in an everlasting relationship with the Lord.

I’m currently working on a project called NWOG, which means Never Without Our God. Have I started a Facebook page called NWOG ministries. It’s still in the early development stages. My goal is to reach out to people and teach them the way of the Lord, share with them stories of life and how God has connected with them. What I’m currently learning at CLI would greatly enhance my teachings and knowledge. To learn as much about the Bible and Gods word is such an honor and blessing to me. Thanks to your free online course my potential is unlimited. One day I pray that I’m blessed to be able to go out and share Gods word with everyone. Explain his word to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. With my teachings from your institute I can do this with a higher level of confidence. With prayer and guidance from the Lord, to do it in such a way that would be glorious.

Please keep me in your prayers that my dream of sharing the word of God will be done correctly and positively, I look forward to learning more from CLI in pursuit of my dream of becoming a pastor one day. Thank you for offering this education for free. Sharing such important information and doing it at such a affordable cost is a blessing. I look forward to sharing your website with many more people so they to can also learn more about our God. Please pray for my NWOG ministry that it will help to reach out to many people that are not sure about how God really can touch their lives.

Lord, I give thanks for your blessing each day, Your Word is a delight to read each and every day. Amen.

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