I’m Timothy, and I’m from Indonesia. The reason I joined as a student at Christian Leaders Institute is because I feel that I’ve been very blessed as a Christian, and I often dream that people everywhere should show their relationship with God through the great love they show towards other people.

I hope a scholarship with CLI will open up for me an opportunity to do more ministry, and therefore reach more people with sound doctrinal teaching. I feel that by having myself filled with the knowledge that CLI provides, I will have the needed discipline to lead others to a deeper knowledge of Christian living.

I also feel that most people never come to understand the fullness of God’s grace because of faulty doctrine. As a result Christian living I see is really a lackluster version of what God intended for us. People are also beaten down by their circumstance and the spirit of the age. I hope I can be a part of the movement for the much needed revival. I hope I’m not held guilty of pride for saying that.

For honesty’s sake, I know I have a long way to go before I can exhibit the character Christ wants me to have to be able to touch other people in a way that people need. In part it’s because I’m usually dependent on other people. So, pray for me, that I may be processed to better fit His purposes for my life, whatever it may be.
God bless! Cheers!

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