Mission Ministry Dream

Mission Ministry Dream

My name is Michael David Myers and I have a mission ministry dream. I was very blessed to grow up in a Christian home. I was born in the summer of 1967 in Royal Oak, Michigan. When I was only 5, I asked Jesus to come into my life and save me. I grew up in a very large Baptist church during the 70’s and the 80’s. Our church supported many missions and there were numerous opportunities to learn about missionary life and hear some great stories. When I was 15 years old, I went on my first mission trip and by the time I was 17, I wanted to someday be a missionary. After high school, I attended William Tyndale College. I thought at that time that someday I would be a missionary pilot.

My first mission trip was to Costa Rica in 1984. I also worked in British Colombia for two months that summer. During the summer of 1985, I spent two months in Israel working at an orphanage. Later on, I went back to Costa Rica and studied Spanish at The Spanish Language Institute right outside of San José, Costa Rica.

As time went on and through the ups and downs of life, God has kept me close to Him and has taught me many things. Through God showing me His love and patience, He has taught me love and patience. There have been some very difficult times, but God has always been faithful and He has never deserted me. I pray for God’s leading day by day in my life and my mission ministry dream. I pray that He will show me where He wants me to be.

I have a great love for the Hispanic people and have spent years living with and loving the people of Central America. I pray that if it is God’s will that He will direct me to go back there. I really enjoy all that I am learning from this free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute, and I pray that God will use it for His glory and honor.

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