Ministry Training Story

My Ministry Training Story

My name is Samuel Dundun, Junior from Nigeria, and the following is my journey to ministry training story. I am a Chartered Accountant and a Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst. Furthermore, I hold a Master’s Degree in International Accounting with a specialization in Strategic Finance Practice. I am married to a godly woman, and we have three beautiful children: a girl and two boys.

My Youth

Nigeria is a country with a large community of Christians of different denominations, especially in the southwest, where I grew up. Various church activities characterized my youth. I attended a school curriculum based on strong Christian tenets. Religious camps for youth to mold morals and values in line with Christ-like virtues were also what I attended.

All these made little or no impact as I didn’t have a personal encounter with Christ while growing up. Although, I was not the extrovert that partied and lived a worldly life, neither was I fully into the Christian faith as my upbringing environment will suggest. I focused on my education and career development up to a point where Jesus intervened shortly after my marriage. Before then, I thought I was who I was because I worked for it. However, I was wrong and was shortchanging myself.

Transformed by Jesus

My encounter with Jesus transformed my life. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I received grace per day and strength to achieve a lot more even in my career. Things fell into place, and lines fell for me in pleasant places.  I knew this blessing could only be God!

From my personal experience in ministry, I learned that to serve God is better than merely believing in God and doing nothing. When you serve and minister, His presence is with you and gives you success in what you do. What an experience!

CLI Free Ministry Training Story

I work as a finance professional and excel in leading a team to accomplish more than we think we can. Many have seen my willingness to consider all options, strike appropriate solutions, and use practical experience and knowledge for optimum performance.

My job will not permit a four-wall ministry training. Therefore, when I came across the Christian Leaders Institute on the internet, it was an answer to my prayer. CLI will allow me to get the required ministry training for the task ahead and make the man of God perfect and thoroughly furnished (2 Timothy 3:17).

Learn about online ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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