Hello, I am Thomas Jena, a male 32 year old, I am doing ministry training in India through CLI’s online Bible school. Let me share with you about the unique ministry method I use in my country. My country name is India and I am staying in the south part of my country. To do ministry there we need to get the permission of Government, this and some political pressure, makes it very difficult to do direct ministry work, but there is a way: to start with social work then slowly introducing Christianity and ministry opportunities, like church planting and other.

I was born and brought up in a Christian family, but I was not a true believer in Christ until after my 10th class when my family faced a big problem, which made me go to church and pray. Slowly God spoke me through His servants and I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior.

Soon after I went for theology studies and after completion of my course I started ministry with one organization. Due to a financial problems at the time I was doing part time job and part time ministry. I finally joined an organization where I can do full time ministry. My dream is to become a good preacher and do successful ministry for God’s kingdom here.

I’d like to become an evangelist and church planter. It gives me joy and happiness in life. I want to promote in ministry to those of other religions. But the local church must have support to reach the people though conducting cottage prayer (visiting homes) and taking care of fellow believers. It is very much related to family in ministry here, unless there is support from family, we cannot stand in ministry.

If I get the privilege of a scholarship at CLI, I can complete all my theological degree which will help me to grow deeper and deeper to know God ‘s word clear and right so we may divide God’s word in right ways to preach, teach, and counsel for the effective ministry of God.

Please pray for my study, ministries and for my languages, to communicate in local languages. and church planting ministry .

– Thomas

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