Hello my name is Gary Taylor, and I live in the city of Livonia, which is a suburb of Detroit Michigan. I am married to a wonderful woman of God, Rachel, and work in a rehab center as the EHR administrator.

My story is not one of always being with the Lord. Although I was raised in a home of Godly people, it was not totally God seeking when looking for direction. My youth was spent looking for God and my place with Him, but looking back through the years, I have come to realize that God was not lost or far away from me, but rather I was trying to fit Him into what I wanted. I have always believed in Him and understood what is expected of me, but I spent my time looking for convenient ways to serve Him without sacrificing my desires. This led to many different walks with Him or rather away from Him. I now understand that He was always calling, but I was not answering.

My life changed for me when I walked into a church call Evangel Ministries and heard Pastor Bogle preach on forgiveness. I didn’t answer the alter call that day, but the seed was planted. I continued attending church at Cornerstone Family Worship Center (where I presently attend) where that seed was watered and cultivated until it blossomed into a wonderful relationship with our Lord.

A CLI scholarship would help me continue down the path He has laid out for me by providing a means to become more effective in God’s work. I do feel called to the ministry and am presently leading a Men’s ministry for my church. What the getting started class has helped me to see is the validity of my feelings in being called into the ministry it has also helped me to see how to be more effective not only in my local church body, but also in my first ministry, my home.

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