Christian Leaders Institute is passionate about “FREE” high-quality ministry training. CLI must remain free to open the

Trained for Youth ministry, community outreach and Mission trips to Uganda

Trained for Youth ministry, community outreach and Mission trips to Uganda

door for potentially millions of called Christian leaders to be identified, trained, ordained and mobilized.

CLI is addressing the huge problem of ministry training debt. Part of the problem is that a smaller percentage of called leaders can even afford ministry training. Student loans are a dangerous burden for called leaders.

David Briggs of Quality Data On Religion wrote an article about student debt for ministry training. He outlined how this is starting to cripple ministry leaders. In the article, he quotes Laura Bryan:

Laura Bryan, who works on financial aid issues for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), said it is critical to help seminary (ministry training)  students understand what it means to take on the obligation of student budget debt, from the severe consequences of defaulting on a federal loan to the personal hardships they can encounter after they graduate. Read full article. 

Do you really believe in the free model? Is this a ministry your will support with your offerings? Our goal is to raise $70,000 through online giving by the end of the year.

Will you introduce CLI to mission inclined donors or churches? Will you pray about making or increasing monthly support for this opportunity? Some of you cannot support CLI monthly. I understand that. This ministry is now reaching thousands of called Christian leaders in nearly 150 countries.

We are all in this together. I will do my part to keep this a free option. I will continue to bring high-quality ministry training to the world. Will you help me by making CLI known to your families, friends and church! Will you share our posts consistently on our Facebook Ministry page?  Will you prayerfully take on a greater role in making monthly donations?

May God bless you in your calling!


Henry Reyenga Jr.
President of Christian Leaders Institute

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